What We’re Up Against

By Curtis Hewston

I hesitate to do this. But forgive me. I have been momentarily hooked by this troll. Let’s see if we can fashion a silk purse of my misfortune.

Yesterday, on the day of young Christina Taylor Green‘s funeral — at the very time, in fact, that hundreds of mourners began to line the road to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church — Rush Limbaugh was saying this (emphases mine, italics indicate his sneers):

The one part of the speech … that particularly moved people was when President Obama was talking about the nine-year-old little girl who was snuffed out and how we all have a duty to live up to that little girl’s expectations, her nine-year-old dreams and expectations of the greatness of America. I think the greatness of America exists. The theme here that we’re failing, a theme here that society is somehow not altogether what it should be, that the American experiment is not working out all that well, and we gotta step it up here, when one lone, deranged gunman, not American society, not American culture, had anything to do with this, but I knew that line was gonna work with a lot of people, because it’s about a child, and it’s about dreams, and it’s about not letting go of what she wants this country to be. She was growing into this country — let’s make sure we live up to what she expected. I think we have done that, so to me there was a, it was very subtle, but there was a constant theme running through this that there are severe deficiencies throughout the country. Severe problems, deficiencies, shortcomings throughout our culture, as evidenced by this event Saturday in Tucson.

The Audio

The words “new low” have long been stripped of any meaning when it comes to this degenerate. Rush Limbaugh has even out-contempted the Westboro Baptists here. (Even they ultimately decided to stay away from Christina’s funeral.) And that is quite a feat, even for him.

Firstly — and you can actually hear the contempt in his voice for the “dreams and expectations” of Christina Taylor Green — what unprecedented cowardice must this man be harboring to feel so threatened by the utter optimism, fettered only by gratitude, of a nine-year-old girl? This is a truly pitiable scenario.

As I wrote in an earlier post (with new emphasis here):

There are those, of course, who won’t come around to a new reality — particularly those with a lot of skin in the game. You’ll know them by their steadfast denial.

The drug-addled carnival barker will cling to his massive denial of America’s reality, simply and purely because he has millions of dollars of skin in the game. His soul is sold. It was such an extraordinary purchase that it’s hard to say who, Rush or the Devil, got the better part of the deal. Oh, the humanity.

As Jason Easley at Politicususa, reminds us, President Obama actually said this (emphasis mine):

The loss of these wonderful people should make every one of us strive to be better. To be better in our private lives, to be better friends and neighbors and coworkers and parents. And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their death helps usher in more civility in our public discourse, let us remember it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy — it did not — but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation in a way that would make them proud.

In other words, there was no single uncivil cause of the Tucson tragedy, so let’s move on from that fruitless debate. But how we proceed, whether we remain locked in regressive battles or whether we take a path newly shown by the light of our fallen victims, will determine our failure or success.

Easley concludes:

If Christina Green represents the hope, dreams, and promise lost, Rush Limbaugh represents the hate, divisiveness, and intolerance that has fragmented our political discourse into two warring camps. For Rush Limbaugh to admit that there are problems with the political rhetoric in America, he would also have to admit his own responsibility. Since this is something that he can’t and won’t do, Limbaugh instead attacks the memory of a murdered nine-year-old girl, and distorts statements of unity and hope into a political attack on the president.


She is the optimism and unrealized future that people like Rush Limbaugh never want to blossom. While Rush Limbaugh fights to hold on to our ugly present, America weeps for Christina Taylor Green and strives for a future that is still within our grasp.

This much I think is true. Mr. Limbaugh cannot participate in our public future. We must denounce and abandon him to his tragic fate and get on with the noble work of making our victims proud.

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