This Is The Militia Media

By Curtis Hewston

This is insane. More innocent people are going to die violent deaths in our country because we are apparently incapable of reeling in, as Media MattersEric Boehlert calls them, the “militia media.” The big concern is that, as Boehlert indicates, unlike the early 1990′s, when such outrageous hate talk was also with us, the terrible toxicity has gone mainstream — it’s become legitimized because it’s on FOX or EIB or ClearChannel and not emanating from some shortwave radio bunker in the hills of Tennessee.

And this, my friends, spells doom for civil discourse. To hell with that. Civil behavior is now at stake. It’s in critical condition. And if we lose that, we’ve lost our very civilization. I don’t think that will happen, but we’re still a long way from muzzling these hatemongers. There are First Amendment protections, of course, but these goons can go one better. They have political and economic protection. And more people will die before our citizenry will turn to their “leaders” and tell them they’ve seen enough.

Here’s a clip from last night’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, Boehlert and David Corn of Mother Jones. It’s well worth your five minutes. Note: To play this clip more than once, you might have to SHIFT+Reload the page to get the clip to start in the right place.

Open your hearts; watch your heads.

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