Tweets U Missed

By Curtis Hewston

BobbyRiversTV Bobby Rivers
Abe Vigoda is still alive — and today is his 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, #AbeVigoda!

@JoeNBC Walker phone call proves absolutely that this was always about busting the Union. PERIOD.

AlArabiya_Eng Al Arabiya English
Egypt PM says past reports about Suleiman’s attempted assassination were correct

Sharon1943 Sharon
Ira @BuffaloBeast is a hero. #wiunion

BBCWorld BBC Global News
Colonel Gaddafi’s son denies any airstrikes were carried out against #Libyan cities and says death toll exaggerated, from AP

GMWatch GMWatch
Australia: #Monsanto backtracks on financial support for GM farmer in legal dispute

shannynmoore Shannyn Moore
Hey, Nebraska, if you can shoot a Dr. taking a “baby” out, can you shoot a rapist if he puts a “baby” in?

Testing Gov. Scott Walker’s claim that “almost all” protesters are now from out of state. False.

Emperor_Bob Bob
The Rich are Laughing at Us and the Tea Party People

BreakingNews Breaking News
Rough seas prevent ferry carrying hundreds of Americans from leaving Tripoli’s port; vessel now won’t leave until Friday at earliest - AP

LilianeKhalil Liliane Khalil
BREAKING: A message from #Libya this morning threatens to treat Western journalists as “outlaws” and will use force if necessary.

DianeSweet Diane Sweet
So where are the Wikileaks coffee mugs?

BreakingNews Breaking News
Russian official says country’s military will spend $650 billion by 2020 on 600 new warplanes, 100 ships, 1,000 helicopters, 8 nuclear subs

TheNewDeal The New Deal
Gov. Walker Should Be The Poster Boy for Why All Democrats Need to Vote in 2012. #WIunion

TheNewDeal The New Deal
“If I went to work in a factory the first thing I’d do is join a union” - FDR #WIunion

democracynow Democracy Now!
NEWS: The United States Ignores #HumanRights Abuses in #Bahrain, Reports @NYTimes

GaryBlackmon Gary Blackmon
Support a 28th Amendment for The Separation of Corporation and State

MichaelShatz Mike Shatz
Call the Supreme Court! 202-479-3211 #campaignfinance

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