Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Politics is simply the business of how who gets what.

The Blue Highway is concerned with how we get there from here.

Curtis Hewston — that’s me — lives in beautiful north Idaho, U.S.A., with my incredible wife, kick-ass daughter, four amazing dogs, two extraordinary horses and varying numbers of highly entertaining chickens and geese. When I’m not reading, blogging or listening to talk radio on XM, I tend to the property and work with a community hospice organization. I like whistleblowers, Steve Earle, football, Muslims, Mexicans and short walks on the beach. I can be a bit self-absorbed and have anger issues, but I’m not a Nazi. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and/or reached at this e-mail address.

Any chance you’re interested in helping to support The Blue Highway? Please take a look at the Books page to see how easy it is join the cause. In fact, you’re probably already doing what it takes. If you’d like to make a donation through PayPal, or with a credit card, please click the Donate button at the side or bottom of any page. Thank you.

What’s up with that picture? In 2007, we visited India with an amazing organization called Relief Riders International, riding through western Rajasthan on horseback to distribute school supplies and livestock and facilitate free medical camps. (Please look into joining them on an excursion or merely providing your financial support. You can give a goat for $75 or pay for a cataract surgery for $65.) Anyway, we were there for the annual Hindu Holi festival, which takes place in the early spring. Tradition dictates, among other lunacy, that everyone pelt everyone else with colored powder. Good times.

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