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Paramount+ Teases First Look and Cast of Animated ‘Transformers: EarthSpark’

Last week at San Diego Comic-con, Nickelodeon, Paramount+ and Entertainment One (eOne) hosted a special panel that revealed the voice actors for the upcoming Paramount+ original animated series, Transformers: EarthSpark. Fans were also treated to a debut clip which you can watch below.

Attending the event were voice cast members Danny Pudi (Bumblebee), Kathreen Khavari (Twitch), Zeno Robinson (Thrash), co-executive producer Dale Malinowski and executive producer Ant Ward. Mike Cecchini (Editor, Den of Geek) moderated the panel.

The all-new 3D CGI animated series (26 episodes) introduces a new generation of Transformers robots – the first Transformers robots to be born on Earth – and together with the human family that welcomes them and cares for them, they will redefine what it means to be a family.

In November, Transformers: EarthSpark debuts in the United States on Paramount+ and select Nickelodeon channels internationally. The new series is the latest entry into the world Transformers franchise.

Check out the first look clip:

The new voice range is:

  • Sidney Mikayla (Kipo and the Age of Wonders): “Robby Malto”, a smart 13-year-old boy with an abundance of moxie and charisma.
  • Sion Broadnax (Day shift) “Morgan ‘Mo’ Malto” is Robby’s 9-year-old younger sister.
  • Benny Latham: “Dot Malto” is Robby and Mo’s mother, and surrogate for the Malto-bots, and wife of Alex.
  • Jon Jon Briones (Ratched): “Alex Malto” is Robby and Mo’s father, the surrogate father of the Malto-bots and husband of Dot.
  • Catherine Khavari (Impasse: paranormal park): “Twitch Malto” is an Earthling born from the primordial mud in the waters of Witwicky Cave, Pennsylvania, like her brother Thrash.
  • Zeno Robinson (Big City Greens): “Thrash Malto” is an Earth-born male Terran and a cheeky wild child.
  • Dany Pudi (Community): “Bumblebee”, a fun veteran Autobot who serves as a mentor to Earthlings as they learn what it takes to be Transformers robots.
  • Alan Tudyk (Foreign resident): “Optimus Prime” is a brave Autobot leader who has forged a new alliance with the humans.
  • Rory McCann (game of thrones): “Megatron” is the father of the Decepticon faticon who believes in the importance of making whatever sacrifices are necessary for the survival of Cybertronian civilization.
  • Cissy Jones (The owl house): “Elita-1” is the physically gifted and confident second-in-command of the Autobots.
  • Diedrich Bader (better things): “Mandroid”, the villain, was a scientist-soldier in the war, jaded and ultimately, very anti-Cybertronian.

Hasbro, maker of the Transformers: EarthSpark toyline, and a producing partner for the animated series, also participated in the panel presentation.

Transformers: EarthSpark is created, co-executive produced by Dale Malinowski (The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and executive produced by Ant Ward (The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). The series is being developed for television by Claudia Spinelli, Senior Vice President, Big Kids Animation, Nickelodeon. Production is being overseen for Nickelodeon by production manager Mikiel Houser and for eOne by Kari Rosenberg.

Source: Nickelodeon

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