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Pokemon Art Turns Ash Into A Dragon Ball Character In Horrifying Ways

Pokémon fan art shared on social media features a series of animated images that depict Ash Ketchum transforming into Goku in a gruesome way.

New Pokemon fan art depicts Ash Ketchum transforming into a dragonball character in a horrible way. dragonball and Pokemon are two of the largest and most popular anime franchises in the world. Akira Toriyama started the first dragonball story in manga form in 1984 before being adapted for television in 1986. The franchise exploded over the years, spawning several sequels and spin-off manga, movies and series, with the property value totaling over $30 billion . Meanwhile, Pokemon started in 1996 as a small handheld video game, but thanks to its various adaptations in popular media as well as excessive merchandising, the franchise is now worth over $110 billion, making it the most popular media franchise profitable all the time.


dragonball follows orphaned alien Goku and his friends as he trains to become the best fighter in the world while protecting his friends from powerful enemies. Through his training and determination, Goku transforms into a much more powerful form called Super Saiyan, which changes his hair from black to blonde as he progresses. PokemonThe main character of Ash, is definitely human in every way. However, he draws his strength from his relationship with his Pokemon creatures, especially with his small but mighty electrified yellow mouse-like friend Pikachu.

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In recent fan art by Alex Solis (alexmdc) shared via Instagram, Ash is shown transforming into Goku from Dragon Ball in a terrifying way. In a series of four images, Ash devours Pikachu, absorbing the Pokémon’s power, allowing it to become a powerful Super Saiyan. A fifth image provided by Solis shows the full transformation through an array of the four images. Check out the images below.

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The Art of Solis beautifully combines two of the most popular anime and manga franchises of all time in a series of hilarious and disturbing animated images. Although the art styles of the two shows differ slightly, the artist managed to merge the two effortlessly through their sequential imagery. Although Ash’s physical change is impossible in Pokemon canon, Solis’ use of Pikachu – a character that emits a powerful yellow electrical blast – creates a logical progression to Goku as a Super Saiyan.

Social media has provided a great outlet for artists to share their fan art with millions of users. From what-if scenarios featuring Nicholas Cage as Superman to a revamped Grand Inquisitor from Obi Wan Kenobi, fan artists have created works that fulfill moments of their dreams, no matter how twisted. As Pokemon and dragonball Continuing their decades-long franchises with no signs of slowing down, artists will continue to use the popular series for inspiration.

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Source: Alex Solis

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