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Police make arrests in cartoon character cybercrime probe

Guyana Police announced this afternoon that they have made a number of arrests as they investigate a popular satirical cartoon character on allegations of cyberbullying.

According to a statement from the police headquarters, it has received several cyberbullying complaints involving people who post on social media under the name “Mudwata”.

Police said that following the complaints, they have launched investigations and have since detained people suspected of being the source of the “Mudwata” character.

Crime boss Wendell Blanhum announced in a statement the arrest of a video producer/photographer whom investigators suspect was behind the “Mudwata” character.

Blanhum said several pieces of electronic equipment were seized and police were also able to acquire voice messages, adding that when an analysis/comparison was done of those messages there was a match to the voice used in the “Mudwata” comments.

Police investigations were sparked this week by a complaint from a journalist who alleged his image was used in one of the ‘Mudwata’ sketches which examined racy sexual issues on the popular social media site ‘Tik Tock”.

Reporter offered $1 million reward for information on ‘Mudwata’s true identity’, using his own phone number and the phone number of a senior police official as contacts to submit the information .