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Popular manga you didn’t know had live-action adaptations

Live action shows and Japanese movies in general can often be a very overlooked part of Japanese media, especially with the growing popularity of manga and anime in comparison. Anime and manga fans may be hesitant to delve into live-action adaptations, due to the medium straying so far from what the community is used to.

One of the best ways to bridge this gap is to watch popular manga adaptations. When handled correctly, these adaptations can live up to the expectations set by the source material, an example being the success of the Rorouni Kenshin world-acclaimed film trilogy.

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When Naho Nakamiya receives a letter from her presumed future self, she is understandably skeptical. But, when transfer student Kakeru Naruse appears in his class as the letter predicted, Naho is forced to believe its contents. As she continues to read the poignant letter filled with stories of regret, Naho learns that ten years later, their new friend Kakeru is no longer with them. Naho has gone on a journey to fight fate and save Kakeru’s life.

Manga and anime series are relatively well known and have received high praise in the anime community. It is often presented as a realistic attempt to tackle the complex issues of mental health and suicide. That many fans of Orange may not realize is that the series has a live action movie adaptation with the same name released in 2015. It also won an award for the 39th Japan Academy Award in 2016.

Your lie in April

Kousei Arima is hailed as a child prodigy on the piano, sweeping through competitions with ease and playing so perfectly that he is known as the “Human Metronome”. But, when his sick mother who had been his strict piano teacher until now dies, Kousei becomes unable to hear the sound of his own piano. Two years pass as Kousei continues to live his monotonous life, unable to play the piano, out of nowhere he has a chance encounter with the free-spirited violinist, Kaori Miyazaki, bringing color back into his world. .

This poetic, bittersweet tale of youth explored through music only gets better when the music is performed. This is also why the anime adaptation of this series has become just as popular, if not more so, than the original manga. The live-action adaptation was released in 2016 and placed 3rd in its opening weekend.

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Assassination Classroom

At Kunugigaoka’s elite and hierarchical middle school, there is a certain classroom nestled deep in the mountains that houses Class 3-E, a class of delinquents and dropouts with no hope of academic advancement. That is until they are tasked with killing their teacher, nicknamed Koro-sensei, an octopus-like monster who created a giant hole in the moon and plans to do the same on earth in a year. Interestingly, Koro-sensei also happens to be the best teacher Class 3-E has ever had.

It’s not often that an action-oriented supernatural series has the opportunity to be adapted into a live-action film due to the potential limitations and difficulties in achieving the same supernatural effect with CGI as opposed to film. art or animation. The appeal of the original manga was in its bizarre concept and in the depth and backstories of the characters within it. Assassination Classroom (2015) really rose to that challenge and produced a movie that worked with the story’s quirky premise, while still adhering to the charm of the manga.


Mashiro Moritaka is a talented artist, but never had the courage to pursue a career in drawing after seeing his uncle, a mangaka, who died of overwork a few years earlier. One day, Takagi Akito, an aspiring writer, sees one of Mashiro’s drawings and insists that they work together to create a manga. Mashiro is still hesitant until he discovers that his crush, Azuki Miho, aspires to become a voice actor. Their feelings for each other are mutual, so they promise each other that when they both achieve their dreams, they will get married.

Bakuman is arguably one of the few manga that addresses the struggles and hard work required to become a mangaka and succeed. Manga and anime adaptations are relatively popular, but the live-action adaptation is not as well known. It won Japanese Academy Awards in 2016 for Best Editing, Best Musical Score and Most Popular Film and was nominated in many other categories.

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Death threat

When 17-year-old high school student Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note, a book that kills the name of whoever is written in it, he discovers that he was thrown into the human world on purpose by a sadistic god of death named Ryuk. . Understanding the dangerous power that had fallen into his hands, Light begins to embrace his own twisted sense of justice with the ultimate goal of ridding the world of all evil. Brain detective L, is already on his trail, but it will be a battle of wits to see who emerges victorious.

Death threat is an iconic name in the anime community. Although he is outside of what is considered the “Big 3” in the shonen anime – One piece, bleach, and naruto – the series has a devoted fanbase across the globe.

The series’ unique premise left a permanent mark on the anime world and it’s no wonder that no anime since could ever achieve the same effect. Death threat a book. It’s no surprise that a two-part live-action adaptation would do just as well, with the first film topping the Japanese box office for two weeks after release and the second topping the charts for four weeks after. his exit.

These live-action adaptations proved that it was possible to replicate the same degree of success as its manga counterpart through a different medium. While relatively unknown in the wider anime community, it’s high time these live-action get the recognition they deserve.