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Princess Maker Refine gets a free update adding new opening, improved localization and optimizations

Bliss Brain Corporation has announced that a new update is available for Princess Maker Refineavailable now on PC via Steam.

Princess Maker Refine offers a repainted version of the graphics, which were originally limited to 16 colors. Additionally, voice acting has been added to secondary characters, not just the adopted daughter.

An opening cinematic sequence can be viewed created by designer Takami Akai and produced by Yonago Gainax. The story follows a war hero who has been visited by his daughter. The hero must then teach the young girl how to survive and rule the country to the best of her abilities.

Message from Takami Akai – ‘I would like to thank everyone who has shown so much love for ‘Princess Maker’ since its release in 1991. I am very happy that you can enjoy the world of ‘Princess Maker’ on a deeper level with this new fully improved translation. I also had a wonderful time drawing familiar characters for the opening animated cinematic sequence that was added to this release. I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had drawing it.

The update also includes better localization of Chinese and English texts. Based on feedback, these changes have been added. Players will also find that the game has been optimized for PC. The Steam version was originally based on the re-released 2003 version of the game, which had a few issues including poor graphics and bugs.

You can watch the new trailer below: