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NOTE: These listings do not contain addresses and phone numbers, but an excellent directory called radio-locator (formerly The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet), sure does. It contains data on and links to more than 10,000 radio stations throughout the world. In addition to addresses and phone numbers, search results also include a link to the station's Web site along with its frequency and location, a coverage map, and the latest FCC data, such as transmitted power, antenna height, and owner. And those stations that bitcast their signal on the Internet are also indicated. Try this: 1) Note the station's call letters here. 2) Go to radio-locator. (Open another browser if you can.) 3) Search for the station's link by its call letters. 4) Visit the station's Web site for more information. Happy hunting....

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CountryUnited States
Call Letters/FrequencyWUCF-FM 89.9
Show's NameSmokestack Lightnin'
Host's NameTommy Thompson
Days and TimesSat 9 pm-midnight

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