Renowned dermatologist explains why cosmetic contouring is the top skin care trend in 2021


In addition to a gentle cleanser, which contains an anti-stress complex composed of ginger and bisabolol, the range includes an energizing serum (with hyaluronic acid, milk thistle and panthenol, it is soothing and hydrating) , and a few different. seven day bulb kits. This is where the magic really happens. The potent EGF ampoules are excellent for lifting and firming the skin, as the formula “creates a matrix under the skin – if you have a little jowl or a little sag, or if you just need a facelift, it” is the treatment that’s right for you. “. The “mom” herself – Kris Jenner – praised the line on her Instagram Stories.

Vitamin C Glow ampoules are another of her top recommendations, as they work hard to even out skin discoloration, soften fine lines, and lessen sun damage. “They give you a gentle micro-peeling effect every day,” he says. These kits are both focused and transformative, and make it easy to prepare for an event or occasion – or just a quick flash, no questions asked. The skincare line filled a Dr Ourian-shaped hole for many of its clients, especially internationals (he has fans from Europe to the Middle East), who were unable to come to see him during the various interlocks.

As for aesthetics, what does he think is going to be big this year? “The contour of the face is huge, especially after a lot of us have put on a bit of weight and our necks have become heavier,” he says. “Nowadays, we can create cheekbones, slim the face, and remove excess fat from the neck and face using non-surgical methods. We use ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments and fillers to create cheekbones, jaws and highlight chin. The ideal beauty now is to have an athletic face, even if you are not working out.

Many of us struggle to cope with the amount of behind-the-scenes edits that are often found in many of the looks shown to us on social media, but Dr. Ourian is clear that honesty is important. Not only does he credit the willingness of celebrities (including the Kardashians and Lisa Vanderpump) to document or share the treatments they received from him, which in part led to his huge following on social media, he also believes that is important to ensure the industry provides a safe service.

“I remember 30 years ago when my mom went to see the highlights she was encouraged not to tell anyone – it was a big secret – but now everyone gets the highlights. Talking about the treatments you do is a rite of passage and a way to normalize them, ”he says. “I don’t believe in doing all you can in the sun to look like a cartoon version of yourself, but maintaining your appearance in a very healthy way – and making sure you go to the right ones.” places that use FDA approved products. are tested and safe – it’s powerful. “

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