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Resident Evil Re:Verse – Best Character Loadouts

There are six humans currently playable in Resident Evil Re:Versethe third-person multiplayer shooter that comes free with Resident Evil Village. Now people have been waiting for this game for quite a while as it has been pushed back several times, once to summer 2021 and then again to late 2022. The developers said there is a lot of content planned after the game’s release, but that remains to be seen at the time of this writing.

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Anyway, now that it’s over, how are each of the playable characters in Resident Evil Re:Verse, especially in relation to each other? Well, let’s take a look at all of them. Reverse character loadouts, one by one, and see how they compare to others, from worst to best. Ranking will of course take into account the character’s two weapons, three skills, and overall base stats.


6/6 Leon S. Kennedy

Weapons Primary: W-870 Shotgun Secondary: Mathilde pistol
Skills Passive: beginner spirit dual weapon Roundhouse kick

The first is the emblematic protagonist of Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy. It’s a shame the guy is at the bottom of the charts because he’s a fan-favorite sarcastic heartthrob. But, it is true that Leon has a skill set that the player really has to work hard with to catch up with any of the other characters.

His dual weapon is by far his best tool, as it allows him to hit anyone who comes his way with increased rate of fire and ammo capacity from the second gun. Then there is his Roundhouse kick, which is its main reversal tool. This kick is useful because it can knock enemies over so Leon can lay on it while still Dual wield or blast them with his shotgun. His passive, beginner spirit, is by far its worst aspect, as it’s not a game where players often “barely” escape being shot at, so there’s not a lot of opportunity for HP regeneration to trigger really. And the last for Leon are his weapons. His Matilda The handgun is quite reliable, especially with two of them, but nothing worth bragging about. During this time, his W-870 The shotgun is absurdly powerful up close but nearly useless at any range over about 10 feet.

5/6 Claire Redfield

Weapons Primary: MQ 11 submachine gun Secondary: Quickdraw Army Handgun
Skills Passive: fast charger Adrenaline shot Modified alternator

Claire Redfield is the first example of a trap-based character here, and there are really only two others who could fit that description. Claire’s “trap” is her Modified alternator Skill that emits this “scrap” orb that sends an arc of electricity away from him. When hit, enemies stand there doing the typical “shocked” animation and Claire has a second or two to free her. QC11 on them. The only problem is that setting this thing up can be tricky depending on how chaotic the match is at hand. His other skill, Adrenaline shotmight seem great as it refills some HP and all of its stamina, but like Leon’s Passive, players don’t stray away often enough to even have time to heal.

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His own Passive, fast chargeris actually very useful and is the main reason why most Claire players rely heavily on her Army Quickdraw Gun. This skill allows Claire to dodge and attack by instantly reloading her handgun every time she rolls. The Army Quickdraw is a revolver so it has a bit more power and kick, and its QC11 Submachine Gun is also pretty decent in this department. But, both have quite a bit of recoil to endure, which can make it difficult for her to fight at medium to long range.

4/6 Big piece

Weapons Primary: LE 5 submachine gun Secondary: MUP Handgun
Skills Passive: Reaper Tragedy Masking active Murder

Hunk, the mysterious soldier that he is, was an example of a character that players constantly complained about on the Steam discussion boards when Reverse launched for the first time, and there is a main reason for this. To put it simply, Hunk’s three skills synergize with each other, so if Hunk manages to sneak up on a player while Actively hidden utilize Murder, he will do bonus damage (essentially a one-shot kill), and his stealth duration is extended thanks to his passive. This can easily make him seem like an overpowered character if that’s all players see of Hunk.

However, outside of this combo, Hunk is relatively mediocre in all other categories. His MUP The handgun is okay but not great, its THE 5 Submachine Gun is equally mediocre and its overall weapon power is quite low compared to everyone else. Because of this, most players tend to play him as a full-fledged assassin and run around trying to get a cheeky one. Murder.

3/6 Jill Valentine

Weapons Primary: CQBR Assault Rifle Secondary: Samurai Edge Handgun
Skills Passive: Last escape land mine Hot dog

Jill Valentine, the female protagonist to take charge of Resident Evil 3 and it’s fantastic RE3 Remake, is fortunately one of the best characters in Resident Evil Re:Verse. The reason she’s so good is simply that she’s a more reliable trap-type character than Claire. His land mine Skill is so easy to set up and so useful, it Hot dog The knife has high damage and is also versatile with the dodge variant and its passive skill Last escape is almost always used. Not only that, but his weapons are also excellent since the CQBR is a reliable primary at any range and the Edge of the Samurai is equally reliable.

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There’s no aspect of Jill that could be considered “weak” in this game, and the closest thing that could even be discussed is that she’s a bit squishy in terms of health, but most players don’t live long enough against it to do much damage anyway.

2/6 ada wong

Weapons Primary: Crossbow Secondary: Broom HC handgun
Skills Passive: The wisdom of a spy arrow bomb pipe Somersault Kick

Ada Wong is the ultimate skill-based character in Reverse and it is not discussed. Unlike all other characters who have a semi or fully automatic pistol as their primary weapon, Ada has a single shot Crossbow. Additionally, she is the second most squishy character in the game. But, to make up for that, she Crossbow does incredible damage (especially if it’s a headshot) and his skills give him plenty of movement and configuration options.

arrow bomb pipe is just a fantastic AoE option that can be used to finish off an opponent that Ada has hit with her Crossbow or vice versa. Meanwhile, Somersault Kick is an incredibly close punishment with a guaranteed knockdown so Ada can freely aim for a headshot with her Crossbow while they are on the ground. His weakest aspect, his passive skill The wisdom of a spy, is still good even on its own as long as the player pays attention to it while in critical condition. Ada Wong herself is just a fan-favorite character in the franchise, so a lot of people have played her in Reverse.

1/6 Chris Redfield

Weapons Primary: dragon assault rifle Secondary: USM-AI handgun
Skills Passive: Pride of the Original Eleven indomitable spirit AMG-78 powered exoskeleton

And finally atop the peak is Chris Redfield, the rock-drilling meathead who starred in resident evil 5. Honestly, Chris Redfield might be a controversial first choice for some, but regardless, he’s always part of the conversation when people talk about overpowered characters in this game.

Not only his indomitable spirit The skill gives him the window to turn any fight against his attacker, but if they get close enough he can almost guarantee victory with his AMG-78 Exoskeleton punch as he knocks them down long enough for him to unload with his Dragon AR. Again, like Jill, there really isn’t one aspect that Chris lacks. But, unlike Jill, her base stats are also fantastic overall. Although it is equal to everyone in transformed power and survivability when transforming into a bioweapon monster, but that is simply because these stats can only be increased by using RE Coins .

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