Animation character

Rick is the next character to join MultiVersus

We all knew it was coming.

MultiVersus had an extremely successful launch with a large number of players coming to try out the new free-to-play platform fighting game. Developer Player First Games and publisher Warner Bros. Games have so far made the most of this unusual crossover hunter by including characters no one expected to exist in the same game. Characters like Shaggy from Scooby Doo can go hand in hand with Batman, and the developer is far from done with that. Player First Games has now revealed that the next character to join the MultiVersus the list will be Rick Sanchez from the popular animated series, rick and morty.

The news comes from official Twitter account of MultiVersus, and it provides a brief trailer which can be viewed below. In the announcement Tweet, the developer used the hashtag “#ComingSoon” which hints that the character may appear in the game sooner rather than later. That said, the developer has yet to provide a concrete release date to let players know when they can get their hands on Rick just yet.

In the trailer, Wonder Woman takes on Reindog and it seems like an even battle. Eventually, Reindog attacks Wonder Woman with a projectile fireball but before he can connect, a green portal appears. A Meeseeks, of rick and mortyemerges from the portal just in time to block the attack, and is followed by a few before Rick makes his grand entrance.

Since this was just a cinematic trailer, there are no details on how Rick will be gameplay-wise. Some of the Meeseeks seen in the trailer are carrying items like a golf club. So these could be weapons built into Rick’s arsenal of attacks, but it’s impossible to say for sure right now.

For players of MultiVersus, the news that Rick is a playable character may not come as much of a surprise. Morty has been in the game before as a playable character, and the Meeseeks are also in the game in various training modes. With that in mind, fans were probably expecting Rick to go to MultiVersus at some point in the future.

Before Rick, the newest addition to MultiVersus was Gizmo, of the Gremlins film franchise. The Gremlins the villain Stripe, as well as DC Comics character Black Adam, are also notable characters that have been confirmed for the game.

In other MultiVersus news, the game has received numerous fixes to improve overall gameplay and the balance of specific characters. Update 1.02 improved the game’s hitbox and hitbox systems, which helped improve accurate hit detection in matches. There have also been changes to help make projectiles easier to understand.

MultiVersus is free and currently available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.; 2F2022%2Fsep%2F23%2Frick-next-character-joining-multiversus%2F