Roy's got some memories . . .

. . . to share with you from his many years in the biz and on the road -- and just around town, too, which happens to be San Francisco. He'll soon be bringing to you here some of his many stories of the places he's been and the people he's known throughout his very special musical career. Be sure to check back on all that real soon.

Roy will also be inviting you to get to know him even better. You can now send to his e-mail address below, and a few online chat sessions are in the works. You'll also be able to browse his catalog of neat stuff and visit some of his favorite Web sites. Oh, and you'll have the chance to win a few tickets to slide to an upcoming show as Roy's special guest.

But in the meantime, please kick back and enjoy a few digitized moments from the world of Roy Rogers. You'll see some small gif images below. To see the real thing in jpeg, just slide and click 'em.

This is Roy backstage after the BBC
special "Late Night With John Lee Hooker
And Friends." Roy was the musical director.

Click for the jpeg. It's 55 k.

Here's one from the Sweetwater, a favorite
club of Roy's in Mill Valley, California. This
is Roy and Carlos Santana having some fun.

Click for the jpeg. It's 30 k.

Roy cut two albums with harmonica player Norton
Buffalo, also of the Steve Miller Band. You'll find
this shot on the back of their first album, R&B;.

Click for the jpeg. It's 23 k.

Here's another shot from one of Roy's
albums. It comes from his 1993 release
Slide Of Hand.

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And here's Roy in his garage. Oh, would you be
happy with a Terraplane? Ask the man who owns
one, thanks to the fan who found it for him!

Click for the jpeg. It's 10 k.

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