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Roy's impressive recording career began back in 1976 when he teamed up with bay-area harmonica wizard David Burgin to record the independent release A Foot In The Door. Twenty years later, Roy Rogers and Pointblank Records proudly present to you Roy's sixth and very latest solo release -- Rhythm & Groove.

In 1985, Roy's first solo effort -- Chops Not Chaps -- earned him a W.C. Handy Awards nomination. He soon followed up with two solo releases: Slidewinder in 1988 and Blues On The Range in 1989, as well as two critically acclaimed releases with harmonica player Norton Buffalo: R&B; (featuring Roy's Grammy-nominated Song For Jessica) and the mostly live Travellin' Tracks. In 1993, Roy released Slide Of Hand, featuring guest appearances by New Orleans' pianist/composer Allen Toussaint, and he followed it up in 1994 with Slide Zone, which includes Charlie Musselwhite and Bela Fleck.

Long-time fans of slide guitar master Roy Rogers are clamoring to hear his latest Rhythm & Groove on Pointblank Records. Take a look -- and hear for yourself, right here, right now -- what the fussin's all about.

Rhythm & Groove
Pointblank Records

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from Love Me Or Leave Me

Vida's Place ||| My Heart's Desire (with Charlie Musselwhite) ||| Call On Me ||| Built For Comfort ||| Feel My Care ||| For The Love Of A Woman (with Maria Muldaur) ||| Shakin' Hands With The Devil ||| Your Mind Is On Vacation ||| Proud Man ||| Blues For Brazil (with Charlie Musselwhite) ||| Love Me Or Leave Me ||| Ever Since I Lost You ||| Wrong Number ||| Remembering You

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Love Me Or Leave Me copyright © 1996 Virgin Records America, Inc.

Slide Zone

Get Back In Line ||| Spent Money ||| House Of Blue Dreams ||| Lover's Moon ||| Livin' On Borrowed Time ||| Ode To The Delta (with Bela Fleck) ||| Not Fade Away ||| Slide Zone ||| Lookin' Up At The Downside ||| Rough House ||| Still A Long Ways To Go (with Bela Fleck) ||| Off The Cuff

Slide Zone copyright © 1994 Liberty Records

Slide Of Hand

Don't Give It Up ||| Bad Situation ||| Don't Say A Word ||| Stones In My Passway ||| Cure For An Achin' Heart (with Allen Toussaint) ||| Mellow Apples ||| Slide Of Hand ||| Make Your Paradise (with Norton Buffalo) ||| Rockin' At The Hey Hey ||| Down Home Girl ||| Work Hard For The Money (with Norton Buffalo) ||| Change Of The Season (with Norton Buffalo) ||| Bull Hog Grind (with Allen Toussaint)

Slide Of Hand copyright © 1993 Liberty Records

Blues On The Range

Black Cat Bone ||| Crawfish City ||| Blues On The Range ||| Baby, Please Don't Go ||| You Better Run ||| Spanish Blues ||| She's Cold As Ice ||| Dreamin' At The Juke ||| Hellhound On My Trail ||| Ramblin' Blues

Blues On The Range copyright © 1989 Blind Pig Records


Cover Up ||| I Wish You Luck ||| Comin' On Too Strong ||| Walkin' Blues ||| Terraplane Blues (with John Lee Hooker) ||| Gazing Out My Window ||| Tip-Walk (with Allen Toussaint) ||| Red Hot (with Allen Toussaint) ||| Pretty Girls Everywhere ||| Down In Mississippi

Slidewinder copyright © 1988 Blind Pig Records

Chops Not Chaps

32-20 Blues ||| Hot To Trot/Ready To Go ||| Guilty Of Lovin' You ||| Judgment Day ||| Devil Got My Woman ||| Feel So Blue ||| Terraplane Blues ||| Kindhearted Woman ||| One More Time ||| Shake Your Moneymaker (with Norton Buffalo) ||| Happy Trails

Chops Not Chaps copyright © 1985 Chops Not Chaps Records
(This album was reissued on CD in 1993 by Blind Pig Records.)

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