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Royal Match creator Dream Games levels up with $225M raise, now valued at $2.75B

from Istanbul dream games raised $225 million in a Series C funding round. With this increase, the company’s valuation has more than doubled in six months and now sits at $2.75 billion. As such, this figure makes the Turkish company one of the most valuable and well-funded private mobile game companies in the world. To date, the two-year-old game studio has raised $468 million.

Now, I wouldn’t call Istanbul the gaming capital of the world, but uh…if yesterday’s announcement of Spyke Games’ $55 million seed round and today’s $225 million in Dream Games is an indication, ummmm.

Arguably the godfather of this movement is Istanbul’s Peak Games (which was acquired by Zynga in July last year), and the pass of their incredible recruiting campaign is now legendary.

Since that time, Peak has had a number of successes and employees. Some of them graduated and then started their own studio. And some of Dream Games’ successes should come as no surprise when you look under the hood, founder and CEO and co-founder Soner Aydemir, you guessed it, spent 6 years under the Peak banner, going from marketing specialist to product owner then product director.

I’m willing to bet that if you’ve played any form of casual mobile game in the past year and an ad or two popped up, Dream’s Royal Match is one of them. Heck, this lone author was lured away from my beloved Crushing of Candy time-filler series by Dream’s Pixar Animation Studios graphics and familiar gameplay.

“Dream Games approaches gaming in a way similar to how Pixar approaches filmmaking,” says co-founder and CEO Soner Aydemir. “We wanted to bring a holistic and inspiring spirit of excellence to the thousands of details involved in the game design process, from the art and engineering to the mechanics that underpin the user experience. The result is an experience rich, beautiful gameplay with lasting appeal.

Dream Games’ $225 Million Series C Round Led by Series A Investor Index Ventures, with Creators Fund, IPV, black rock, Kora, and Balderton Capital also participate.

“The success and growth of Royal Match has exceeded all of our expectations,” says Stephane Kurgan, the Index Ventures partner who led the investment and former chief operating officer at King. “In eight months, Royal Match has become one of the most played mobile games of 2021. Dream Games has assembled one of the best teams in the industry, with a rare combination of creative talent, engineering expertise and relentless work ethic. They’ve already changed the standards around what counts as excellence in mobile gaming, and we’re excited to see where they go next.