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RPG Maker Unite Details Full HD Resolution Support, Revamped UI, and Sample Characters

Gotcha Gotcha Games has released new information and screenshots for RPG Maker Unite showcasing the RPG builder’s Full HD resolution support, a revamped user interface, and a pair of sample characters.

Get the details below.

■ The first RPG Creator in the series to natively support Full HD resolution!

Here it is – the longtime request from Maker fans – native FHD (1920×1080) resolution! It’s time to make your game much better than ever!

In the past, we wondered if FHD would add extra load to creators, but now it’s clear that the community is moving faster than expected, and we’re constantly being asked for higher resolution!

What is a higher resolution good for? Well, let’s use our example maps as an example:

—By switching to a higher native resolution, games created could be crisper, more colorful and more vibrant than ever! That’s tremendous power in terms of creative freedom at your fingertips – and remember – all WITHOUT a single line of coding!

RPG Maker Unite

—Here is a zoom in on the Church area at center-left. Notice how map details such as stein glass color gradation, more natural building shadows, and various other map details are now more pronounced than ever.

RPG Maker Unite

Of course, the benefit of higher resolution also extends to battles! Battle graphics can now have much sharper colors and detailed expressions that players can see!

RPG Maker Unite

For those who prefer to use custom resources, now is also the time to shine, because there are so many more detailed items you can show off to the world!

■ A redesigned UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)!

As many of you noticed when we launched our shop page last month, the old modal window-like UI has been replaced with a more modern tab-based UI and allows simultaneous editing of multiple settings for better work efficiency than previous titles!

RPG Maker Unite

■ Introducing sample game characters!

Like all the past RPG Creator securities, RPG Maker Unite would also come with a sample game both for the user’s entertainment and serve as an example on how the tool works!

Today we would like to introduce you to two main characters of the party!


The first is Miguel, a charming hunter who wields a large longbow and acts as the party’s main ranged attacker!

RPG Maker Unite

—Victory Animation


The second character is Sharon, a cute wizard character acting as the main source of the group’s magical needs. Her trademark is her purple outfit with a big orange ribbon on her hat!

RPG Maker Unite

—Magic incantation animation

RPG Maker Unite

■ About using Unity and plans

RPG Maker Unite will be available to all Unity users, including users of the Unity Personal and Student free license plans. For detailed guides on Unity subscription types and eligibility, please see Unity Plans and Pricing Page.

■ Questions from fans regarding RPG Maker Unite

Since our February 15 reveal of RPG Maker Unite, we are extremely satisfied and flattered by the number of praise, questions that we have received from the community. We’ve selected some of the most asked questions and answered them in our Dev Log, which will be updated with new content once or twice a month.

Be sure to check out our First dev log entry also if you are interested in more details!

RPG Maker Unite must be released on PC via To smoke and Unity Asset Store in 2022 globally.