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RPG Maker Unite Details Switch Line Function, Default Last Two Characters

Gotcha Gotcha Games has released new information and screenshots for RPG Maker Unite showcasing the RPG builder’s Switch Line feature and the last two default characters. The official tool Pixel scale was also dated for a June 30 release.

Get the details below.

■ Change Line: Another Outline Editor feature that visualizes the relationships between event triggers and cards for easier management

As all users know, an RPG game consists of many events, and many events often appear only when the player has performed a certain action. The conditions that the game checks and trigger the next event in a game is called a “Switch”.

As a project becomes more ambitious, the number of events also increases to create a compelling game. Naturally, this means that the switches would also rise in order to control these events. In order to make the management operation more accessible, the “Switch Line” – another Outline Editor feature we introduced in April, is your new friend in RPG Maker Unite!

—Switch Line is similar to the Contour Editor we introduced in April, a feature that visually connects boards and switches for better tracking!

RPG Maker Unite

—Switch numbers and the event IDs they are associated with are now easy to follow visually! Clicking on the event ID also takes the user directly to the event editor, allowing quick access!

RPG Maker Unite

—Setting key elements as a switch is also possible!

RPG Maker Unite

Switch Line is a very handy feature that really makes it easier to control game progress, especially when a project gets more complex, filled with multiple switches and key elements!

It’s also ideal for those who want to take a break from the development process, and dramatically reduces catch-up time when resuming!

■ Announcement of the release date of the official tool Pixel scale

We are delighted to announce that Pixel scalethe mini-tool we mentioned earlier that could resize and transition graphical assets to RPG Maker Unite specs, will be hosted on our RPG Maker Unite website and will be available for download on June 30! Creators who can’t wait to convert assets for RPG Maker Unite should definitely try!

■ Presentation of the last two characters by default

Today, we present to you the last two characters used in the default game!


Rosemary is a Paladin, acting as the Knight Commander of the Holy City and she is known for her unparalleled bravery in battle! Her signature red-purple hair makes her a very recognizable presence in battle!

RPG Maker Unite

—Victory Animation

RPG Maker Unite


The seventh and last member of the group is Rengnar. A calm Cataphract (Heavy Cavalry) who is the leader of the Royal Knights!

RPG Maker Unite

—Weapon swing animation

RPG Maker Unite

■ Fourth Dev Diary and Fan Q&A;

As with our previous news announcement for RPG Maker Unitewe also published Dev Diary #4 and Q&A; on our Steam Community page. For those interested in learning more about the Switch Line, be sure to check it out as well!

Also be sure to check out our Dev Diary #3 entry if you missed it!

RPG Maker Unite must be released on PC via Steam and Unity Asset Store in 2022 globally.