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Saints Row character creation dials in franchise antics at 11

Saints Row has always featured creative character customization options, and the upcoming entry in the franchise is no different. In fact, it’s been hailed as the franchise’s deepest customization yet, and it’s believable. Game Rant recently watched a presentation before the last Saints Row trailer, and the in-depth look at the customization options was truly impressive.

This applies to characters, their vehicles, their weapons, their crew and, to some extent, their HQ. In basic terms, everything fans want is there, including Saints Rowthe layered clothing approach. Those who want a simple, gangster-like character can certainly do that, but anyone who really wants to push the customization options is going to find that their creations don’t even have to be human.

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Saints Row character creation

When it comes to face and head customization, there are more options than you might imagine. Even the main options offer a bunch of weird possibilities. Saints Row players, for example, can choose from head options that make them chiseled, baby-faced, elves, or witches. The latter is not at all subtle, like a long nose; he looks almost exactly like the witch of White as snow. Even better, the face options allow players to develop this in multiple ways, with an interesting asymmetrical approach.

In short, players can design one side of the face one way and the second side completely different, if they wish. This was described as having two sides to customize basically in Saints Row, and to go even further, there are a ton of material options for the skin. Yes, material options – these can make the characters look like Android or even further with a character looking like Thor: Ragnarokit’s Korg. Simply, their characters can be as human or as distant as players want.

The hair gets a lot of attention, with Saints Row promising not just cuts and lengths, but a genuine variety of options. So this hair is as deeply customizable as above, with a character clearly having two or three colors blending into each other when presented. But it’s just the face and the head that grab the attention – all the parts do.

There are all the basic character options that players expect from Saints Row, but there’s a lot more stacked on top of that. Players can choose body prosthetics of all kinds to make as a character’s cyberpunk or alien as they wish. Emoticons are also included Saints Rowbut they go far beyond most in-game emotes. Some of them are capable of impacting a character’s walking animation, with an example shown being the “crawl” emote doing a super exaggerated crawling tiptoe walk.

Options such as tattoos, body shape, tan, scars, etc. are also present; most things you can imagine are probably doable with this character creation. The best part is that nothing is locked to a specific gender, with players able to adjust options related to that as well. Players even have nipple options, though it hasn’t been shown, or they can hide nudity. There is also a middle ground called “modesty options” which allows players to censor these body parts with cute images and emoticons, with players also having plenty of choice.

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Creating Saints Row characters might take a while, but…

saints row face customization

It’s not hyperbole to say that gamers could spend hours here, with as deep as all of these options seem. Players already spend hours creating characters in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Dragon Age and Mass Effectand none of these games are as crazy as Saints Row seems to be. But, for those who don’t really want to spend hours here, there is good news.

There are around 6 presets in the game, which can then be further customized, but help give players a pre-generated character to jump into the game with. players do not have to delay the start of the game to create a character. Indeed, throughout character creation, there are many quick-start support items.

But that still might not work for someone who doesn’t want to put off starting the game, but also wants to polish every detail of their character. Volition and Deep Silver also have an answer to this. Details are forthcoming, but players will somehow be able to access Saints Rowto create characters and design their characters before launch. It’s the best of both worlds for many players.

Saints Row releases August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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