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Saints Row Fan Creates Harley Quinn With Character Creator

Although Saints Row isn’t here yet, the game lets people create their “bosses” before launch, and one user offers a version of Harley Quinn.

The Saints Row The reboot game doesn’t launch until August 23, but that’s not stopping fans from recreating some of their favorite characters to play in the game when it finally arrives here. Thanks in large part to the game’s developers releasing a Boss Factory demo well in advance, users were able to design their “bosses” however they wished; including a user who decided to create his own version of Harley Quinn.

The Saints Row The franchise has long been one of those franchises that relied heavily on the character creator. However, this year’s version is going to offer a bit more, thanks to the advanced graphics and resolution available on today’s consoles. The character designer in the franchise reboot can certainly allow people to get as goofy as they want with their character’s appearance, but they can also be surprisingly down to earth and realistic.


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Reddit user The_Midnight_Fog showed what he did with the deeply immersive film Saints Row character designer by showing how they made their main character look a bit like DC Comics character Harley Quinn. There were a few liberties to be taken, as the anti-hero’s outfit isn’t readily available in the upcoming game, but this Harley Quinn’s head and hair certainly looks like the spitting image.

This Saints Row The character sported eye paint designed to resemble the Harley Quinn face mask she is famous for, and the photo also showed off the famous two-tone hair. The Redditor version of the beloved character has blonde hair that splits into two blue-tinted ponytails at the ends.

Where this version of Harley Quinn definitely diverged from the original is that the Saints Row version sported a shimmering red dress. His oversized mallet is also nowhere to be found. Despite these differences, the creation is still quickly and easily identifiable even though the caption didn’t state who it was supposed to look like.

For those who aren’t devoted DC Comics followers, Harley Quinn began her career as a sidekick and love interest to Gotham’s most feared villain, The Joker. However, in recent comics, movies, and TV shows, she’s ventured out and forged her own identity. On the big screen, the live action version of the character was played by Margot Robbie while an animated version who appears on her own show on HBO Max is voiced by The Big Bang TheoryIt’s Kaley Cuoco.

Saints Row releases August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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