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Section 8 Trailer Reveals First Look At Lundgren & Rourke’s Action Movie

RLJE Films releases a brand new trailer for Section 8, the upcoming action movie starring veteran actors Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke.

RLJE Films has released a brand new trailer for Section 8, the upcoming action flick starring veteran actors Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke. Directed by American filmmaker Christian Sesma, the story of Section 8 revolves around former soldier Jake Atherton who, after avenging the murder of his wife and child, is sentenced to life in prison. He gets a shot at freedom when he’s recruited by a sleazy government organization called Section 8 for a classified assignment. However, he soon realizes that the agency is not what it seems. Lundgren and Rourke are joined by true blood actor Ryan Kwanten, who plays Atherton, with Scott Adkins (strange doctor, John Wick: Chapter 4) and Dermot Mulroney (Zodiac, secret invasion) completing the cast.


An official trailer for Section 8 abandoned RLJE Films focuses on the film’s protagonist, played by Kwanten, as he teams up with action legends Lundgren and Rourke. The trailer begins with Atherton locked up in prison after avenging the deaths of his wife and child. As he reveals that he”feels no remorse“After completing his revenge mission, a government agent (played by Mulroney) is determined to recruit him for his secret agency which is”sanctioned to eliminate any threat,with Lundgren acting as Atherton’s guide in this endeavor. As Atherton becomes more involved in the conflict, he realizes he must turn against the people he works for. Check out the trailer complete below:

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After lending his voice for the recent animated feature film Minions: The Rise of Gru, Lundgren’s busy film list is set to continue, with the most notable titles being Consumables 4 and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As for Rourke, the Oscar-winning actor of The wrestler should appear in the black comedy by French-Polish director Roman Polanski The palace. The trailer above promises another entertaining and action-packed entry into the filmography of the veteran actors involved. The public can consult Section 8 when the film hits theaters and streams on AMC+ on September 23.

Source: RLJE Films