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Some design insights and info on weapons in action Combat MMORPG Profane

The latest preview by the team making Profane covers weapons. The look comes with a short snippet of concept art showing a number of weapon types the game will have. Some of them were simply imported from pre-alpha without much work. Additionally, there is a small overview of the design process and goals for the upcoming sandbox.

Because Profane is designed as a sandbox, but also an action combat MMORPG, weapons are very important. The wide variety of options and designs is an intentional design choice that, if they put things together the way they want, will both look and feel appropriate for use.

Another team weapon design philosophy is to make different items feel distinct and some very special. Since the game won’t have a strict class system and will instead be player driven, there will be room to try out whatever interests you.

The plan is for players to be able to freely switch between two equipped weapon stances during combat. If you want to trade again, it will have to be out of combat. Weapons will also have attributes, with different stats for damage, range, attack speed, as well as animation.

Some of these weapons will have bonuses or special features, and the preview brings up the pre-alpha recurve bow, which has an additional 50% chance to crit when fully fired. There is also a spear in pre-alpha that had a 10% chance to ignore the target’s armor.

Weapons are also expected to have their own skill tables, and if you level up your skill level with a certain weapon, you can unlock new perks. Some of them can be passive, and some of them can be active elemental skills that you will have to choose but could give you real power.

To learn more about the game, go to Profane.