‘Sometimes it can be antiques’: Chicago Bulls player wonders if LeBron James is pretending to foul himself


A month ago, LeBron James openly criticized the play-in tournament and questioned the reason for its existence. Many other players also condemned him because it gave an opportunity for a 33-win squad to knock out a 38-win squad, so to speak.


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However, the same product backed by Adam Silver gave fans one of the most iconic Lakers vs Warriors games. This game was more like a final conference game with teams cutting huge deficits, playing all their stars for long minutes, fighting for every possession and, if necessary, “acting” a bit.

Chicago Bulls player backed LeBron James for his act


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May 19, 2021; Stephen Curry shoots a basket at LeBron James at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With two minutes on the clock, the Warriors were leading their play-in match against the Lakers and eyeing upset. It was then that a pass from Alex Caruso and an attempted dunk from LeBron James made headlines.

Just as a flying Draymond Green jumped up to block that shot from Bron, he accidentally hit The Akron Hammer’s face and forced him to lose his balance. A moment later, LeBron was lying on the floor, rubbing his eyes as it seemed Draymond had pricked his eyes with his right hand.

Even commentators wondered if he qualified for a blatant, but Bron’s extended time under the rim certainly raised doubts.

Later, as most fans called him an actor, a wave of backlash came in support and against Bron.

In a recent interview, Chicago Bulls veteran Thaddeus Young gave his thoughts on the incident. The 32-year-old expressed, “I don’t know. I’m trying not to get into the antiques of the game… Sometimes it can be real, sometimes it can just be antiques to get the call or to give blatant guys and stuff like that. L he Draymond Green incident with LeBron could have been a bit hyped as it obviously involved LeBron and Draymond Green.


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The rivalry between the L-Train and the Draymond Green of the Warriors

This is nothing new with regard to the two stars. It all started in the 2016 NBA Finals when The Dancing Bear managed to tame Bron with his extraordinary blocking abilities.

That year, Draymond averaged his play-off record, 1.8 blocks per game. Later, in the 2018 NBA Finals as well, Dray was all over LeBron, and that helped the Warriors beat the Cavs 4-0.


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The Warrior leads the match between the two with an impressive 23-15 record (15-6 in the playoffs). So, it was obvious that Bron did his best to force Dray into a blatant one during their recent reunion.

Just as Thaddeus added, “When you look at how tough a competitor Draymond is, and what he is… regarding technical faults and serious faults and just a bruise in the paint. For example, if I was LeBron, I will sell it too. I want to take him out of the game, as Draymond is a hard-hitting player like LeBron. So I probably would have tried to sell it too. I don’t know if he really stung in the eye or something like that.


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