“Sorry Young Woman:” Antique Stolen British Columbia Teenager Returned By “Robin Hood”


A family in South Surrey say they are “stunned” after a teenager’s stolen antiques were returned early Friday morning by two people calling themselves “Robin Hood”.

“I’m so emotional, it means a lot to me… that there are nice people,” said Lyric Kennedy, a 19-year-old antique dealer, who has been buying and collecting old items and reselling them at a profit since childhood. .

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Surveillance video shows two masked individuals driving the Kennedys’ home in south Surrey around 4:40 a.m. and dropping off five large bags full of old goods that were stolen from their garage in early September.

They also left a sign on pink construction paper that read, “Sorry girl. Follow your dreams. Robin Hood.”

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“The police came back after we received the items and they were shocked,” said Lyric’s mother, Tammy Kennedy.

“They said it doesn’t happen, people don’t give back what they stole.”

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Lyric runs her “antique picking” business out of her garage, where she keeps dozens of antiques she has collected over time and tries to resell them for a profit.

Lyric says his car was broken into on September 4 and the garage door opener was used to gain access to his workplace in the garage.

She believes around 150 items worth “thousands of dollars” were stolen that night, including drawers in a cabinet her grandfather had built before his death.

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“That’s all I wanted was my drawers,” Lyric said. “They meant a lot to me because my grandfather passed away and it was passed on to me and I loved having it in my shop because it always reminds me of him.”

Tammy said she saw the activity on surveillance video about an hour after the two dropped off the bags.

“It just hit me like… they’re flipping stuff,” Tammy said. “I was shocked, I was stunned.”

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Lyric estimates that about three-quarters of his belongings have been returned, including his business neon sign and, more importantly, the drawers in his grandfather’s cabinet with all the miniature antique items still in inside.

“I called my grandma right away and said, ‘Oh my God, the drawers are back!’” Lyric said. “I was so excited, so happy.”

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Tammy said police took two of the bags and some of the items to check for fingerprints – but she says she isn’t looking to hold anyone accountable and is just looking to get around the incident.

“At the end of the day, I’m just glad these guys did the right thing,” she said.

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“I just want to thank you for all of this,” Lyric added, addressing the so-called Robin Hood. “You made me feel a lot better, especially getting my drawers back.”

She adds that she does not believe her goods would have been returned if Global News had not intervened.

“I don’t think we would have collected all of these items if you hadn’t shared my story.”

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Surrey RCMP did not respond to Global News about the investigation in time for this article to be published.

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