Blues Radio in South Carolina . . .

WANS-AM 1280
Kip Anderson Show
Kip Anderson
Mon-Fri late afternoon

WSCI-FM 89.3
South to Louisiana
Gary Erwin
Fri 10-11 pm

WSCI-FM 89.3
Blues in the Night
Gary Erwin
Sat 9-10 pm

WSCI-FM 89.3
Erwin Music
Gary Erwin
Sun 4-5 pm

WWBZ-FM 98.9
Beach, Boogie, and Blues
Various hosts
Daily 24 hours

WAHT-AM 1560
Pat Gwinn At The Beach
Pat Gwinn
Sat noon-3 pm

WSBF-FM 88.1
Roots, Boogie, Dip
Capt. Don Morgan
Mon 7-9 pm

WSBF-FM 88.1
Sunday Morning Gospel
Kim Green
Sun 7-9 am

WUSC-FM 90.5
The Blues Moon
Clair DeLune
Tue 8-10 pm

WGOG-FM 96.3
Rhythm And Beach Fish Fry
Professor John Hook
Sat 6 pm-midnight

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