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Star Wars Fans Are Freaking Out Over First Look at Mandalore Live

The Siege of Mandalore has been a major part of Star Wars canon for some time, especially when it comes to the events of The Clone Wars and star wars rebels. Anime shows have taken a deep dive into the planet’s history and culture, while live-action movies have largely stayed away from it. Those tides have turned with TV shows on Disney+. The Mandalorian slowly pulled back the curtain on Mandalore and its inhabitants in its first two seasons. In the latest episode of Boba Fett’s Bookwe finally got our first glimpse of the planet Mandalore the day it fell to the Empire.

Boba Fett’s BookThe fifth episode of is aptly titled ‘The Mandalorian Returns’ as it features Din Djarin’s first screen since The Mandalorian Season 2 finale. Without spoiling any of Din’s story in the episode, he ends up having a conversation about the fall of Mandalore, prompting the show to reveal some flashbacks.

Star Wars fans who’ve been talking about a live-action Mandalore for years were understandably thrilled to see it appear on Boba Fett’s Book. Unfortunately, the planet’s foray into the live-action Star Wars franchise also brought the first look at one of the darkest events in franchise lore.

It didn’t take long for Star Wars fans to flood Twitter with their thoughts on the long-awaited debut.

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