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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars was plagued with conflict as war raged for heroes and villains across the galaxy. The series has developed heavily on the characters introduced in the star wars prequel trilogy, and showed each of them navigating personal and political issues, while fighting for their own causes.

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Throughout it all, each character has been faced with tough choices, from Ahsoka’s heartbreaking decision to leave her newfound family behind, to Captain Rex’s continued choice to trust her fallen friend. Whether it’s hard choices to make or just the best course of action, every character on the show has made at least one right decision.


Darth Maul – Helping Ahsoka through Order 66

Darth Maul was the best animated villain in star wars, and for good reason. His return in the final arc of The Clone Wars saw him at his best, as he infiltrated Mandalore in an attempt to bring down Darth Sidious and ended up dueling Ahsoka.

Although he was eventually captured by Ahsoka, Maul did not lose sight of his own plans and decided to help her escape when the Order 66 tragedy ensued. Through all the chaos, Maul’s decision to help Ahsoka served him well, as he was able to fly, ship, and escape unscathed, making it a very smart choice.

Count Dooku – Orchestrating the death of Sifo-Dyas

Dooku using Force Lightning in the Clone Wars animation

All along The Clone Wars, Count Dooku proved to be an intelligent and patient man, who often waited for the right opportunity to present himself before taking the plunge. His best move came in this style – under his Darth Tyranus alias, he made the strategic choice to ally with the Pykes and paid off their syndicate to bring down the Jedi shuttle Sifo-Dyas.

This decision ensured that the Jedi Council was unaware of Sifo-Dyas’ involvement in the production of the Clone Army and ensured Dooku’s loyalty to Darth Sidious. While this sequence of events played out off-screen, the narrative was explored in Season 6 of clone wars and showed how Dooku’s decision paid off.

Asajj Ventress – Become a bounty hunter

Asajj has faced many hardships, from Dooku’s betrayal to the destruction of his homeworld. Yet she always rallied and proved herself to be a fearless fighter who survived against thick and thin. Her best decision was to turn to the life of a bounty hunter, as it allowed her to chart her own path without the compulsion of any master.

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Throughout her life as a bounty hunter, Asajj was able to atone for her past sins – she teamed up with Obi-Wan in a fight against Maul and Savage, and even helped Ahsoka when she was on the run from the Jedi Order. This choice gave Asajj a new purpose in her life, one that ensured she was no longer answerable to anyone else, and it was the best she had done.

Yoda – Follow Qui-Gon


Yoda’s journey to the Sith homeworld of Moraband was one of the best arcs in The Clone Wars, as he followed Yoda confronting all his fears and doubts head-on. At first, Yoda was scared when he heard Qui-Gon’s voice coming to him, but he soon chooses to trust his friend’s specter.

The decision to follow Qui-Gon’s spirit led Yoda down an insightful and profound path, where he was able to learn the secrets of the Force and how to transcend into a Force ghost upon death. Of all the wise decisions made by Yoda, this was his best, as it allowed him to fully open up to the Force and the benefits proved to be many.

Captain Rex – Trust Fives

Star Wars The Clone Wars Rex Order 66

Rex’s loyalty to his friends was one of the best things about his character, as he constantly went out of his way to protect those he loved. Although he was unable to save Fives, Rex chose to trust his friend and kept his memory alive long after his death.

Despite the other clones’ apprehensions over Fives’ tragedy, Rex’s loyalty to his deceased friend ensured his own survival. When Order 66 was called, Rex remembered what Fives had discovered about the inhibitor chips, and the information allowed Ahsoka to help remove the chip from his head. The decision to believe her friend even amid the chaos ensured both Ahsoka and Rex’s survival, and it was a touching tribute to Fives.

Padmé Amidala – Helping Satine on Mandalore

Padmé gives a speech to the Galactic Senate in Pursuit of Peace in The Clone Wars

Padmé was an inherently good character, and she made many decisions with the best interests of others at heart. From her humanitarian efforts to her political influence over the Senate, Padmé was a strong leader, which was clear when she went out of her way to help Duchess Satine on Mandalore.

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Padmé arrived on the planet to help get help during the economic crisis, but soon learned that children were being poisoned, so she chose to infiltrate the perpetrators and put a stop to their sinister plots. Not only was Padmé choosing to stay and help forge a stronger alliance between Mandalore and the Republic, but she also saved the lives of countless children.

Ahsoka Tano – Leaving the Jedi Order

Despite being one of the saddest things to happen to Ahsoka, her choice to leave the Jedi Order was actually her best decision throughout the series. After a harrowing series of events that lead to Ahsoka being framed for a crime she didn’t commit in “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much,” Ahsoka was forced to flee and attempt to prove her innocence.

Although she was able to clear her name, Ahsoka chose not to accept the Council’s apology and restoration of her Padawan status, deciding instead to go her own way. The choice was a sad one, as Ahsoka had to leave much of her life behind realizing the Jedi weren’t as wise as they promised, but it was ultimately for the best as it allowed her to forge his own path. , and avoid the tragedy of Order 66.

Sidious/Palpatine – Kill Savage but not Maul

Palpatine gets Republic Senate control of banks in The Clone Wars

Some of Palpatine’s best decisions in the star wars prequel trilogy were his political maneuverings and how he manipulated the Republic and the Separatists to his will, while hiding his identity. However, his best decision in The Clone Wars came when he confronted Darth Maul and Savage Oppress, and killed the latter.

From their first meeting, it was clear that Maul and Oppress would pose a problem to Sidious’ plans, and his choice to eliminate Savage ultimately spared him a lot of trouble. However, he also chose not to execute Maul, deciding he might be useful to him. Despite all his shrewd decisions, it was a strategic choice that did much to further his own cause.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Keeping the relationship between Anakin and Padmé a secret

Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Darth Maul in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Obi was a skilled Jedi and a clever strategist, often thinking of clever solutions even in the midst of a battlefield. Yet his best decision in The Clone Wars was a reflection of his loyalty to his friends, as he chose to keep Padmé and Anakin’s relationship a secret, despite knowing the ramifications it could cause.

Although the secrecy surrounding Padmé and Anakin’s romance ended up causing a lot of harm, Obi’s decision to keep the two quiet was still a good choice, as he allowed his friends to have happiness without result. Obi went against his better judgment and it was moving to see how much he cared about Anakin, as reckless as he thought the relationship was.

Anakin Skywalker – Accepting Ahsoka as his padawan

Anaking his flaming blue lightsaber in Clone Wars season 7

Anakin’s portrayal throughout The Clone Wars greatly enhanced his character and added a depth that was not given in the previous trilogy. Along with his better character development, Anakin also made many good decisions on the show, but his most notable one came in the previous film when he accepted Ahsoka as his Padawan.

They were at odds at first, but Anakin quickly saw potential in her and recognized her fiery spirit as similar to his, prompting him to choose Ahsoka as Padawan. The decision was by far Anakin’s best, as he and Ahsoka were a brilliant team that learned a lot from each other, and Anakin found in her a true friend he really needed.

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