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Start animating ads with this $50 video maker

Any marketing campaign has many elements, but one thing is certain: they have to move. Static images of the same old stock photos can only hold people’s attention for a very long time, regardless of the message.

This is why many product introductions use animated videos. They’re engaging, they give you a sense of the brand, and they show that the company cared enough to create them. So how can a startup compete if it doesn’t have the budget for professional production?

VidToon 2.0 is a tailor-made solution for emerging brands. It puts animation tools in the hands of marketers who need their ideas translated into video with minimal hassle and minimal technical expertise.

Launch this software and you can create your own cartoons from scratch. The tool comes preloaded with 25 animated characters and over 100 backgrounds that you can customize to suit your needs. Bringing them to life is as simple as selecting a basic move; add new items with a simple drag and drop. Not only is the process fun, but it’s also a lot cheaper than hiring an animation company for a few seconds of footage.

Best of all, everything in the VidToon library is royalty-free. Everything you use and modify becomes yours to share. Even complete beginners can create cinematic scenes with full control of all elements and the ability to pan in and out of the action. You can also have your creations dialogue on the fly with VidToon’s text-to-speech features.

Want to try it for yourself? PCMag readers can get a lifetime subscription to VidToon Animated Video Maker 2.0 for $49 at 98% off the MSRP of $4,020.

Prices subject to change.

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