Strengthen your inner confidence with SISU Aesthetic Clinic


Inner confidence gives us that je ne sais quoi that we use to tackle life’s various challenges, and it leaves us brimming with hope and optimism – allowing us to hold our heads high when we’re with others.

When we feel most confident, we feel like we can focus on the day rather than running away from times that would normally create a little stress and anxiety. And, we all know that when we feel amazing on the inside, we
shine outside!

High levels of self-confidence allow us to accept, adapt, learn, win, and enjoy any situation in life. Freeing yourself from doubt naturally translates into greater peace of mind and less stress.

With stronger inner confidence, we begin to perform better in all aspects of life, especially social situations, relationships and at work.

There is nothing more empowering than feeling good about yourself and taking an extra peek in the mirror because you love the reflection watching you!

If your inner confidence needs a boost due to your doubts about your appearance, Clinique Esthétique SISU and its team of experienced doctors can help you!

Their sole purpose is to deliver the kind of results that make every patient feel empowered and shine with confidence.

At SISU, doctors take advantage of the most advanced medical-aesthetic treatments to keep you young and radiant while increasing your inner confidence, so that you feel like the best possible version of yourself.

Our physician-led team creates tailor-made treatments designed to meet your needs and wants. The patient-centered clinic
enables SISU to produce the best possible results.

Whether you go for anti-wrinkle injections to remove fine lines and minimize the appearance of your wrinkles, use Profhilo to nourish your skin from the inside out, or just use a dermal filler to add volume and modify the contours of your face – the doctors at SISU are here to make sure your skin is the freshest at all times so you can feel like you can face your day with enthusiasm!

Where is SISU located?

SISU Limerick is located on Main Street at 17 O’Connell Street!

To book your free consultation, call us on 01 912 0429 or visit

SISU Clinic is a chain of medical clinics run by doctors where an experienced team of doctors perform all cosmetic procedures.

SISU has 11 clinics spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland!

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