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The Framed Original Blues 78's

These are genuine, original blues 78 RPM records! The 12 artists available represent the best of the blues. The records are guaranteed to have been played and to bear the marks of another time. These special collectors items are painstakingly framed as they should be -- like a gold record! A brass plaque identifies the artist, label, title, and recording date.
Item # BS0013. Quantities are limited.
Market values change per artist, so
prices are quoted on request by e-mail
or fax. See the order form for details.

The Framed Blues & Jazz Stamps

This new limited edition makes a wonderful collectible! The stamps are framed in brass with a royal blue moire' silk and beveled matte and are inset with a stamped envelope from the first date of issuance in Greenville, Mississsippi. An engraved brass plate reads, "Legends of American Music, Jazz Singers/Blues Singers, First Issuance/September 17, 1994."

On sale while they last!
Limited quantity.
Item # BS0057 was $99.95.
Now on sale for $49.95!

A percentage of the profits from this catalog
will be donated to The Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

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