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Super Hero releases new character art

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes focuses on the return of the Red Ribbon Army, the criminal organization that has hunted down Goku and his friends since the original Dragon Ball series. As Dr. Gero is slain during the Android Saga, a new mad scientist takes over with deadly new Androids, as the new chapter of the Shonen franchise releases new characters for fighters, and others, who are set in place. have a major role.

There’s a lot of mystery around Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes in regards to a number of story beats, as fans began to wonder if this film could be a platform for one of the greatest villains in Dragon Ball Z. While Cell’s return has yet to be confirmed, many fans believe the return of the Red Ribbon Army will see Dr. Gero’s greatest creation make a comeback, being one of the only major antagonists left. in the grave after his disappearance at the hands of Gohan. Even though characters like Gotenks have been featured in promotional material, we’ve yet to see the Fusion Fighter appear in any videos, also creating some mystery as to his involvement in the Red Ribbon’s return.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles has shared some new images from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie, showing the failed version of Gotenks who should appear, as well as new versions of Shenron, the teenage version of Goten and Krillin who apparently returned to

Originally, Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes was supposed to hit theaters earlier this month, but was pushed back to June following the piracy attack on Toei Animation, which has also experienced delays when it comes to anime series such as One Piece, Digimon and Dragon Quest to name a few. While the film was originally slated to hit theaters in North America this summer, it has yet to be revealed if Super hero will still affect the West during this period, or if it will also be affected by the ransomware attack.

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