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A quote from each character that sums up their personality

the harley quinn The animated series took a number of DC’s most beloved characters and reimagined them as comedic, lovable characters. While some characters like Harley and Poison Ivy were already well-known and popular characters before the show, the anime series also spotlighted lesser-known characters and created new original characters especially for her. RELATED: 10 […]

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Netflix and Mattel Developing Live-Action He-Man Movie ‘Masters of the Universe’

Mattel and Netflix are developing “Masters of the Universe,” a franchise created by the toymaker in the 1980s, into a live-action movie slated to begin production in the summer of 2022. The project, which was previously in development at Sony, will be directed by filmmaking duo Nee Brothers and ‘West Side Story’ star actor Kyle […]

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Horror movies and shows coming soon to Netflix

Netflix has a massive collection of horror movies and TV shows with plenty more on the way. Finding out about Netflix’s upcoming projects is often a chore, so we’re here to guide you through our most anticipated horror projects coming to Netflix soon. We’ll break this preview up into upcoming movies and shows and walk […]