Talking About LGBTQ + Culture And Aesthetics In The X-Men – Mutant Watch Ep027


Taking advantage of the Hellfire Gala and the kind of relationships we create between looks and sexualities, Mutant Watch invited three guests last Saturday to talk about these queer aesthetics in the X-Men lore from the 80s to today. With us this time was Erik Ojo, black transmasc artist and video content / analysis creator; Dorian L. Alexander, student of speculative fiction and queer humanisms, and author of comics (including ‘The mystique of the mystic’ to The Nib), and Rhayne from Carefree black nerd, a podcast on representation in comics and related media.

As our conversation moves around the relationship between LGBTQ + culture and mainstream culture, disco music, BDSM and kink clothing, gender non-conformity through the Claremont era of franchise and hypermasculinity. from the 90s until today. As we take a look at the ways it complicates and enriches the issue of homosexuality in these comics, it ends up asking the question (raised by Dani Kinney in the live comments) of how the Hellfire Gala (and other mainstream cultural events like the MET Gala or RuPaul’s Drag Race) renames the aesthetic of trans culture BIPOC, ballroom communities, street queens, sex workers…, but can it question the dynamics? of power behind this appropriation? Is he up to the task?

Watch the whole discussion here:

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Talking About LGBTQ + Culture And Aesthetics In The X-Men – Mutant Watch Ep027

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