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Tapps app launches retail financing with VS online services

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Tapps app launches retail financing with VS online services

Posted on February 23, 2022

VS Online Services has partnered with Jeff Tucker of Tennessee to launch Tapps App, a new retail credit management system to simplify the consumer finance process to gather and send multiple requests to more than 25 lenders on one platform.

Tapps App is a payment plan system that allows entrepreneurs to offer payment plans with a high level of confidence. It offers a variety of options for customers, such as Prime, Near-Prime, and No Credit Check options, driving approvals and sales with higher volume.

Jeff Tucker invented the payment plan tool for his service advisors. VS Online Services began development with the Windows app. Later, the Tapps app was developed, turning it into a cloud-based app that can be used by any dealership and business across the country. It is now a SAAS-based web application used across the United States. What started as a small tool is helping many businesses achieve over 20% growth with the SAAS model business application solution.

The Tapps app delivers breakthrough results for customers, employees, and businesses with a simple 2-minute application process that can send applications to over 24 lenders at once. The Tapps application is used in a variety of industries, with the largest use in Automotive Sales, Home Furnishings, Mattresses, Appliances, Home Improvement, Medical, Dental, Furniture , pools/SPAs, RV sales and services, tire/auto repair, ATVs/UTVs. Sales and sales of equipment.

Using the Tapps app, users can use the service to track payments, see their amount owed, and view transaction history all in one place. The new digital government solution can also offer email receipts and reminders.

VS Online Services in partnership with Tapps App provides users with an easy to navigate interface and user-friendly features.

Sivakumar Anirudhan, CEO of VS Online Services Pvt Ltd, said: “As a small business owner, you need to stay on top of trends to provide customers with the best service. With BNPL (Buy Now Pay later) revolutionizing the way money is sent and received, it is essential to provide your customers with a seamless and secure mobile payment option.

“We need to find ways to get easier and faster retail financing and connecting with various lenders who provide the same is key to increasing AOV (Average Order Value). Finding money for your customers is where the Tapps app adds value,” he added.

VS Online Services is a technology-based business solutions company that provides custom software solutions to midsize businesses and start-ups. The vision is to ensure that every human being benefits from its technological products and solutions in their daily lives.

The company proudly launched VSECOMMERCE (web, Android and iOS platform) in 2022, from which a store can launch its e-Commerce application in 5 minutes and even directly configure the payment solution of its choice.

Their solutions are designed with the current emerging market in mind. Their USP is quick and quality solutions. Customers get a minimum viable product within 30 days as they can bring an idea to fruition with their in-depth knowledge of understanding various businesses.

Meanwhile, Tapps App is a payment plan system that allows businessmen to offer payment plans with high level of confidence. This system makes it easy to collect and process multiple requests in minutes.

Jeff Tucker, inventor and CEO of Tapps App, said, “We are delighted that VS Online Services Pvt Ltd has trusted Tapps App to deliver a truly modern experience. The Tapps platform is available for PC, phone and tablet and provides access to several local and national lenders.