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Tech Life: Never Argue Over Splitting a Bill Again

By Stephanie Humphrey

Stephanie Humphrey

By Stephanie Humphrey

Apps like Cash App and Venmo have made it easier to send or receive money from family and friends for things like concert tickets, group dinners, and travel arrangements. However, we all know “that” person – the one who details their meal down to the last penny. Or the person you need to track down, reaching out to you repeatedly until you finally get your promised share of the hotel room in Cancun. But what if there was a way to avoid all the awkward haggling or hassling, get the money in a timely manner – and no one has to come out of pocket early?


Fuse is a way for everyone to split a payment to do so seamlessly. When you sign up, you get a Fuse card – it’s a virtual credit card, but no credit check is required. You add your bank account information to the card, as well as the bank account information of anyone else contributing to the payment. Full payment is made in advance using the virtual credit card and then everyone’s share is deducted from their own respective bank account. If you connect a bank account to Fuse, it’s completely free to use. If someone connects a credit card for payments, the app charges a processing fee. There are so many different reasons this could be useful for a group, including:

Recurring invoices: Fuse works especially well for recurring bill payments. If you have roommates, most bills are probably in one person’s name. A roommate gets electricity on their behalf, while internet service can be shared from another roommate’s account. That person pays the bill and then gets reimbursed by the other roommates, and it usually works pretty well – until it doesn’t. With Fuse, you can add a merchant and invite your housemates to split the charges. Now the bill is paid on time and the account holder no longer has to wait for people to pay it back.

Group dinners: No one wants to be the person at the restaurant who itemizes the bill at the end of brunch and chooses their specific order items. But it’s also unfair for everyone to share the burden of the endless mimosas of a dinner party when all you had was the plate of fruit and the toast. With Fuse, you can scan the receipt, invite everyone in attendance to share the scan, and then everyone can tap what they ordered and only pay for those items. Tax and tip are split based on the individual order. Then everyone pays using the payment method they entered in the app. Easy ventilated! No more smartphone calculators at the table, and no more discrepancies — or hurt feelings — when the bill comes.

Fuse makes it easy to split a payment the way you want – by ratio, evenly, by percentage, or by the exact amount everyone owes. You can create groups of people you regularly share costs with, like roommates, your brunch besties, or the vacation team. And the Fuse account holder will even get cashback in certain places by using the Fuse card to facilitate payments. Thanks to this unique innovation in the financial sector, you will not be charged any interest on the card or any revolving credit balance. It’s truly a win-win for any type of group activity that requires a shared expense – with Fuse, you don’t have to worry about squabbles over money anymore!

Stephanie Humphrey is a former engineer turned tech expert and author. She is a contributor to Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” show and co-host of “The Tech Jawn” podcast. You can find Stephanie all over the web @TechLifeSteph and buy her book “Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick Your Ass!” on Amazon.