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Tencent’s PAG animation component is open source; Dewu app gets access to e-CNY payment – China Money Network

Tencent’s PAG animation component is open source

Tencent has announced that the PAG animation component is officially open source. According to reports, PAG is a comprehensive set of animation workflow solutions independently developed by Tencent AVGenerator OTeam, which has been applied to dozens of applications such as Tencent’s WeChat, QQ mobile and King glory.

Dewu App announces access to e-CNY payment

Dewu App recently announced access to e-CNY payment. At present, Dewu App first accesses e-CNY in the POIZON X offline store, and then plans to expand the online payment scenario of e-CNY from the fashion product washing service .

Foldable smartphones are lagging behind and low-end chips are still rare

Although the current foldable smartphones have developed by leaps and bounds compared to before, due to the market demand far exceeding the manufacturer’s expectations, the current market is still in short supply. In addition, the current folding screen software ecology is still not unified, manufacturers to produce a foldable smartphone of different sizes, need to be customized with the software manufacturer, and the investment is greater. From the perspective of the development of the entire mobile phone industry, the competition is still very fierce, and has fully entered the era of stock market competition. Mobile phone chips are still scarce, but the current shortage is mainly the shortage of low-end chips and the first wave of high-end chip production capacity, which is expected to ease by the end of 2022 or 2023.

CATL: metal batteries without anode are not only used for sodium-ion batteries

Recently, a screenshot of an invention patent named “sodium metal battery, electrochemical device” has been released on the network, because the owner of the patent is the electric battery giant CATL, and the attention is drawn. is multiplied. Some media speculated that the CATL or the aforementioned patented invention mentioned in the metal battery technology without negative electrode for the second generation of sodium-ion batteries, by improving the negative performance to improve the density of battery energy. For the above speculation, the relevant CATL official said that the relevant analysis is very professional, and the application of anode-free metal battery technology in the future will not be limited to sodium-ion batteries. It is also understood that the patent description that came out this time includes part of the process, which is very close to mass production.

Three Gorges Corporation’s Annual Renewable Power Generation Ranks First in the World

The Three Gorges Corporation announced that in 2021, the company’s renewable power generation capacity will exceed 340 billion kWh, an increase of 9.5% year-on-year, ranking the first in the world. It is estimated that 340 billion kWh of clean electricity can replace about 100 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 280 million tons. In 2021, China’s new energy industry developed rapidly, and in 2021, the installed capacity of offshore wind power exceeded that of the UK for the first time, ranking first in the world; the installed capacity of renewable energies, including hydroelectricity, exceeded one billion kilowatts for the first time; and China’s new energy output exceeded one trillion kWh for the first time.

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