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Thatgamecompany, the maker of children’s light, raises $160 million in investment

American independent video game development company Thatgamecompany would have received a Investment of $160 million from GPT and Sequoia. The entire proceeds will be primarily dedicated to the development of the company’s bestselling title Sky: Children of the Light and game-related items, such as providing better player service, game development, and game expansion. With funding in hand, the company is now ready to take the next step.

Another big announcement came from the company regarding Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull that he will be joining the company as a senior advisor on creative culture and strategic growth. Founded by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago in 2006, the company has many successful titles in its pocket such as Travel, Flower, Sky: Children of the Lightetc

Image via Thatgamecompany

Thatgamecompany is ready to take the next step and will continue to create emotional games

The fund will be invested through TPG’s Tech Adjacencies fund. ”We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with a visionary leader like Jenova to support Thatgamecompany’s next stage of growth.said Arun Agarwal, Managing Director of TPG.

We want to see a game that emotionally appeals to people of all ages, identities, and backgrounds within a single experience. Animated features had defining moments with Snow White and Toy Story, and we will continue to work for that moment in the gaming world.

Jenova Chen, co-founder and CEO of thatgamecompany

The company intends to maintain appeal and acceptance as it is now. That’s why his California-based studio will continue to support the community and focus more on creating titles that align with Thatgamecompany’s values.

On the other hand, the arrival of Catmull in the company will have a much greater impact in the coming days. “I am honored that Jenova and the studio have asked me to share my insights into building a sustainable creative culture that lives up to its ambition to provide meaningful and accessible interactive experiences to a global audience,” he said. With the experience of creating an award-winning title like Sky, Thatgamecompany is bound to bring some amazing titles in the near future.

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