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The 10 Most Quoted Movies of All Time

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Great quotes are the sign of stellar and unforgettable films. Without them, films take a back seat and get lost in the colossal amount of media we consume on a daily basis. But with universally known quotes, such as “Keep swimming” and “It’s October 3rd,” most people will instantly know which movie is being referenced.

With their unrivaled dialogue, these 10 most-quoted movies of all time will have you hitting the replay button again and again. If you haven’t seen the movies, watch them soon to keep up with moviegoers who converse entirely in movie quotes.

ten. The world of Nemo (2003)

Marlin is a shy clownfish who resides on the Great Barrier Reef with his son, Nemo. But when Nemo ignores his father’s incessant pleas to stay away from the ocean, he is robbed by divers and taken to Sydney for display in a dentist’s office. Marlin then embarks on an epic quest to save his son, meeting many friends along the way, including vegan sharks, chilly sea turtles, and most notably, a forgetful blue fish named Dory Bell?). Other beloved quotes include “I’ll call him Squishy, ​​and he’ll be mine, and he’ll be my Squishy” and “fish are friends, not food.”

It’s a story of love, finding friends in unlikely places, and valuable life lessons. With Pixar’s visually stunning animation, the film never ceases to amaze audiences.

9. mean girls (2004)

Cady Heron, a previously homeschooled teenager, begins public school after moving from Africa to the United States. There, she’s thrust into the world of high school hierarchies, teen drama, and a clique known as The Plastics. The Plastics, led by the popular, wealthy, and beautiful Regina George, run the school. And when they take Cady under their wing, she must navigate high school social mores while trying to undermine Regina after she thwarts Cady’s efforts to get the attention of Aaron, Regina George’s handsome ex-boyfriend.

The film has a hilarious and clever storyline with a charming cast and a fast-paced plot that will have you following Cady on her journey. Some famous quotes include: “It’s October 3rd”, “You can’t sit with us!” and “On Wednesdays we wear pink”.

8. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

In the movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, three women go to Hollywood hoping to make it big but end up in the world of sex, drugs and debauchery. The all-female rock band, known as Kelly Affair, found success, but its members descended into depravity. This colorful tale has it all, including bizarre and eclectic characters, subtle (if not subtle) humor, a heart-rending soundtrack, and brazen scenes full of taboos.

It developed a cult following and received critical praise for its satirical elements. Well-known quotes include “It’s my event, and it scares me!” and “Better than a Bentley!”

seven. Shrek (2001)

When the despicable Lord Farquaad exiles fairytale creatures to the swamp of Shrek, a grumpy, green ogre, Shrek strikes a deal with him and embarks on a quest to save Princess Fiona to reclaim her land. With the help of his boisterous sidekick Donkey, Shrek goes to the highest room in the highest tower of a decrepit castle to save Fiona, who is waiting for her true love. However, once they begin their journey back to Farquaad, it becomes apparent that Shrek has feelings for Fiona. But it’s also obvious that Fiona, the beautiful princess, is hiding a dark secret.

It’s a timeless film suitable for kids but also suitable for adult audiences with its subtle, mature jokes and quotable catchphrases such as “What are you doing in my swamp?!” and “In the morning, I make waffles.

6. Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump is a good-natured man with a low IQ. As a child, he was accompanied by his only and best friend, Jenny. When he grows up, he joins the army and serves in Vietnam, finding new friends such as Dan and Bubba. The film follows his exploits as an adult as he wins medals, creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet, jogs across the United States, competes in international table tennis competitions and meets the president several times. However, none of this matters to him, as he only has eyes for his childhood sweetheart, Jenny.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, Forrest never lets them interfere with his happiness and his belief that anyone can love anyone. It’s arguably one of the best and best-known movies of all time, with lovable characters and unforgettable performances from the cast. Quotes from the movie such as “stupid is also stupid”, “life is like a box of chocolates” and “run, Forrest!” Run!” have a special place in the hearts of the public.

5. ghost hunters (1984)

Say it with me. “Who are you going to call? Ghost hunters!”

When three parapsychologists, Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler, lose their funding at Columbia University due to their allegedly unethical paranormal research, they decide to continue their work by opening a unique ghost suppression service named Ghostbusters. Working in a decrepit fire station, they are called upon by the skeptical and frightened residents of New York to rid them of ghosts. However, the Ghostbusters did not expect the apocalypse and they make national television as the media reports that they are the cause of chaos. Together they must stop an ancient god who seeks to end all of humanity.

Notable quotes include: “He slimmed me down”, “Back off man, I’m a scientist”, and “He’s a fat twinkie”.

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

When King Arthur sets out on a quest with his Knights of the Round Table, they encounter many silly obstacles, making for an incredibly hilarious movie despite its low budget. And when God appears and sends them on a quest to find the Holy Grail, they embark on individual and collaborative adventures where they face killer rabbits, peculiar wizards and the Knights who say “Ni!”

There are several quotes from this movie that make it worthy of being on this list. Some of the best include: “Just a flesh wound”, “I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled like elderberry” and “Well, I didn’t vote for you. This cult classic will have you laughing hysterically and endlessly quoting its ridiculous but stellar dialogue.

3. The Terminator (1984)

You know a movie will have amazing quotes when Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved.

When human soldier, Kyle Reese, is sent back to 1984 from 2029 to prevent a robotic apocalypse, he must protect the unsuspecting Sarah Connor, the future saving grace of the human race. However, a nearly indestructible cyborg-assassin played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is also sent back in time, and he begins his mission to kill Sarah to stop the world from defeating the robots.

Another film with an abundance of memorable quotes, The Terminator has dialogue such as “I’m coming back” and “You’re fired, asshole.”

2. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

Princess Leia is taken hostage as part of an effort by Imperial forces – led by the cruel Darth Vader – to quell the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. However, an unlikely hero emerges. Luke Skywalker, with the help of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a few companion droids, set off to rescue the beautiful princess, aid the Rebel Alliance, and free the galaxy from the clutches of the Galactic Empire.

The first film in the franchise, A new hope has many quotes, including “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope,” “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper? and “If you hit me, I will become more powerful than you can imagine.”

1. The princess to be married (1987)

Buttercup and Westley have the kind of love found in fairy tales. But when Westley embarks on a journey in search of fortune for him and his love, his ship is taken by the Dread Pirate Roberts. When Buttercup hears the news, she is heartbroken and swears never to love again. However, according to the law of the land, Prince Humperdinck can choose whom he marries, and he chooses the beautiful Buttercup as his bride. But all is not as it seems, and the love for Buttercup and Westley transcends all barriers.

It’s a movie with romance, sword fights, and noteworthy dialogue. Such dialogue includes “Inconceivable! and “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die!”