The best Michael Kors smartwatches for men in 2021



Michael Kors is a fashion brand behind some of the most iconic analog watches. More recently, it took its first steps in the connected watch sector by launching several products supported by Fossil technology.

These wearable devices offer a similar aesthetic to their classic siblings, but mostly they run Wear OS, fitness tracking tools, and a host of additional smartwatch features.

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Buy the right Michael Kors smartwatch for men

Michael Kors smartwatches are based on similar hardware, providing each with similar performance and feature sets. The real decision you have to make is what style and size of dial you want. Thanks to their thick straps, the Lexington and Bradshaw series look and feel considerably larger than their 44mm faces would suggest. On the other side of the spectrum, the silicon band MKGO has a 43mm face but looks decidedly thinner than any other Michael Kors smartwatch.

Of course, you might want a bigger smartwatch on your arm, or you might want something slimmer for the gym. Either way, there’s probably a Michael Kors smartwatch for you.

The best Michael Kors smartwatches for men

Michael Kors Lexington 2: The best Michael Kors smartwatch for men

Michael Kors Lexington 2 Wear OS 1 smartwatch

Michael Kors Lexington 2

The Lexington 2 is the best Michael Kors smartwatch for men. It is the most imposing watch in the range with a 44mm diameter dial and can be flavored in several metallic finishes and leather straps.

Its technical capabilities include a microphone and speaker for conversing with Google Assistant, heart rate monitoring, VO2 max ratings, sleep tracking, and 5ATM water resistance. Custom battery modes also help extend its battery life, while NFC comes standard for Google Pay support. You also get 8GB of internal storage and unconnected GPS support.

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Michael Kors Bradshaw 2: A Flashier Option

michael kors bradshaw 2 render 1

The Bradshaw 2 is slightly smaller with a 44mm face, but that doesn’t detract from its aesthetics. We’d say the Bradshaw 2 is the flashiest Michael Kors smartwatch for men thanks to its optional stone-laden straps and bezel. Like the Lexington 2, the Bradshaw 2 is also available in several metallic finishes, from gold to silver.

In terms of hardware, it shares its basic specs with the Lexington 2. That means a built-in speaker, custom battery modes, and NFC for digital payments.

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Michael Kors MKGO (Gen 4): a balance between style and functionality

Michael Kors Access MKGO Press Release

The Michael Kors MKGO is a step up in terms of hardware as it is built on the old Gen 4 platform from Fossil. Still, it’s by far the best option for those looking for a balance of style, practicality and value.

The MKGO trades in flashy metals and stones for a simple silicone strap with a color-coded aluminum case. You also still get heart rate monitoring, NFC technology for mobile payments, and a much lower price tag than its siblings. Its custom low-power mode claims to extend its battery life to three days while the MKGO is also rated at 5ATM.

It’s the price that really sets the MKGO apart. Regularly available for under $ 200, this is the best Michael Kors smartwatch for men on a budget.

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That’s it for our list of the best Michael Kors smartwatches for men. Looking for more recommendations? Check out the following guides:

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