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The best Paramount+ shows and movies, according to Reddit

One of the most glorious film studios also has a growing streaming platform that showcases original movies and series from various genres. As Paramount continues to crank out big-budget theatrical releases, Paramount+ is aiming for more diverse streaming options, including a slew of star trek spin-offs as well as recent hot machines such as the Halo series.

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Regardless of genre, Reddit users have plenty of praise to sing about these Paramount+ Originals. While they might not thoroughly enjoy a show or movie, particular aspects would serve as redeeming elements for Redditors.


Star Trek: Picard

Picard and Raffi in Star Trek: Picard

Jean-Luc Picard is one of the most emblematic star trek characters, thanks to the performance of Sir Patrick Stewart. Set years later Star Trek Nemesis, picard covers the next chapter in the life of the retired Starfleet Admiral. As he mourns the death of Data and the destruction of Romulus, the show covers the various experiences he undergoes in his final moments.

Redditors love it not only for its nostalgia factor, but also for its technicalities. For example, like Redditor beware, the treebadger compares picard with the recent star trek offers, “No crazy highlights, no Dutch angles, no constantly rotating camera. It’s silk for the eyes.”

ICarly (2021-)

Miranda Cosgrove leaning in the house, in a scene from iCarly's revival.

the original iCarly was a 2000s live-action Nickelodeon show that followed the unexpected viral success of a teenage girl through an internet show. Now, years later, Paramount+ has revived the series with all of the cast members appearing as adult themselves. Although this revival was feared to be unnecessary, it actually opened to positive reviews.

As Redditor Sumit316 aptly sums it up, “The new iCarly is oddly good. There’s a certain comfort in revisiting these characters at this point in their lives.”

Ascension (2021)


Ascent is an Oscar-nominated feature-length documentary that explores the daily struggles of working people in China. To achieve the so-called “Chinese Dream”, people must prioritize maximizing their productivity above all else. Through this approach, the film also addresses the different social classes of the country’s society and their specific issues.

Some Redditors such as Reddit1396 loved the Jessica Kingdon-directed documentary for its raw footage instead of specific interviews. “It goes in order from the bottom of the tower (manufacturing, lowest wages) to the top (corporate elites)…this movie clearly has a consistent message and flow. To me it was a movie Perfect. There are no interviews if that’s what you’re looking for. Just pictures.

South Park: After Covid (2021)

Cartman as an adult in South Park Post Covid

Post Covid is one of many Paramount + TV specials that the South Park franchise has planned. There are a lot of COVID-related jokes as expected, but this is also still one of the best South Park episodes due to the emotional depth it carries, especially towards its end.

As for Reddit, the South Park The fan community was impressed with the dark ending. As AmmathornOP puts it in a nutshell, “The real comedy was the humanity that (Eric) Cartman received from the love of his family to sacrifice for the benefit of everyone else. The comedy is so perfect, it’s a tragedy.”

1883 (2021-2022)

Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot) gives an eye to 1883

A prequel to the neo-western series Yellowstone, 1883 chronicles the origins of the Dutton family as they travel from Texas to Montana in search of a better future. Throw in the mix of romantic angles, family values, and Civil War flashbacks.

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Viewers were impressed with the show’s gritty tone which explores the tragedies suffered by the family. Performances by cast members like Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were also applauded. To quote Redditor, StandUpForYourWights, “The writing is so much better than Yellowstone. There are so many really believable characters. The work that Sam Elliot does really helps me forget I’m watching TV.”

The movie Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge on the Run (2020)

leaking sponge casting

The latest in the line Sponge Bob SquarePants movies, Sponge on the run finds the titular protagonist teaming up with his best friend Patrick to find his missing snail Gary. His misadventure leads him to all sorts of mysterious creatures, including King Neptune and Keanu Reeves expressing a tumbleweed spirit!

With his delightful cameos and usual brand of over-the-top humor, Sponge on the run entertained fans of the franchise even though a broad consensus prefers the other two previous features as better alternatives. Still, the 3D animation of this Paramount+ original came as a breath of fresh air. “…the 3D space actually allows animators to put in more detail than normal, makes it feel a little more alive.”, says Redditor Ninclemdo.

Star Trek: Discovery (2017-)

Star trek discovery species 10c first contact

True to the nature of star trek shows, Discovery also tackles space exploration from the perspective of a starship captain (series protagonist Michael Burnham in this case). Located in events before Star Trek: The Original Seriess, the show follows the adventures of Burnham’s crew aboard the USS Enterprise.

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As for the reactions of “Trekkers” fans, Discovery initially had a polarizing reception, but is now being received positively by many. According to Reddit user Turandorf, the show’s “truly stunning visual effects” help elevate it above its peers. Redditor adamthinks adds: “Overall this is the best hiking show since Deep Space 9 and could very well be better by the time he finishes his story. It’s not without flaws but it’s very very good.

The Twilight Zone (2019)

When it comes to sci-fi and horror anthologies, The twilight zone with its essential episodes is an unrivaled contender. Its reruns, however, have had a haphazard approach with their episodes. Hosted by Jordan Peele, the 2019 revival still had its fair share of supporters who backed it despite the mixed reception.

NoGenji_ICantHealYou is one of those viewers who embraced it positively: “They seem to really embrace the idea that blurred area is not a “horror” show, it’s just a “that’s fucking weird” show and I love it. In my opinion, they are getting better and better with each episode.”

Madame X (2021)

Madonna holding a microphone as she holds her head up on stage in Madame X

Queen of Pop Madonna has released her 14th album Mrs X while living in Portugal and collaborating with local musicians. The accompanying touring film proved to be a highlight of Madonna’s recent career, satisfying her loyal fan base.

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Reddit was also impressed with Madonna’s return to the stage, calling it one of her best tours. To quote Reddit user Dearjessie, “All the little clips and bits that have been incorporated into this gig are actually not distracting, but dare I say opening up his songs even more?”.

Why Women Kill (2019-)

Lucy Liu in Why Women Kill.

The Dark Comedy Anthology Series why women kill jumps between different periods of history to recount iconic crimes committed by women. However, rather than stereotyping the killers, the episodes humanize these characters and elaborate on the reasons that drove them to violence.

With its second season premiering on Paramount+, why women kill became a runaway success, as evidenced by favorable reviews from fans. Redditor fransdicket comments on a simple verdict to sum it up: “It’s funny, dramatic and addictive.”

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