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The best shows and movies to watch in March on Amazon, Netflix, HBO Max, and more

If the weather is weird where you are – and it probably is; it’s March – just remember that you don’t have to worry about which jacket to bring to dinner if you stay home and watch TV instead. With spring TV kicking off and the Oscars on the way, there are plenty of great options to keep you entertained. TV Guide has rounded up our recommendations for the best shows and movies releasing in March on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+.

Prime Video has The boys anthology series The Boys Presents: Devilishthe thriller starring Regina Hall Master, and a new reality series hosted by Lizzo. Disney+ to Marvel Moon Knight and Pixar turn red. HBO Max scores with Buying Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynastythe comedy Naughtyand Oscar nominees like drive my car. Hulu serves The stall, Atlanta Season 3 and the Ben Affleck-Ana de Armas psychological thriller deep waters. And Netflix airs more hot gossip in Bridgerton Season 2. Stay inside and watch them.

Lizzo and Tanisha Scott Lizzo watch out for big grrrls

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The best shows on Amazon Prime Video in March

Prime Video kicked off March by throwing a bone at The boys Fans. The new anime series The Boys Presents: Devilishwhich premiered on March 4, tells independent stories set in the universe of The boys, and some of them pack a serious punch. Afterlife comedy To downloadfrom Officeby Greg Daniels, comes back to life (or afterlife) on March 11. And on March 25, Lizzo is looking for dancers to join her reality series tour. Lizzo watch out for big grrrlswho looks like Model meets So you think you can dance meets, you know, Lizzo. And it’s good as hell.

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The best movies on Amazon Prime Video in March

Your Prime Video queue now belongs to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Only a few months later Be the Ricardos Cast Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as Lucy and Desi from Aaron Sorkin’s alternate universe, Amy Poehler’s documentary Lucy and Desi head to the streaming platform on March 4 to remind us what the comedy legends really looked like. It’s a good documentary that goes well with a conveyor belt of chocolates or freshly crushed wine. Additionally, Regina Hall stars in Master, a chilling new thriller about a woman who has just been named the first black “mistress” of a residency at a New England university. The film, which debuted at Sundance, hits Amazon on March 18.

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Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight

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The best shows on Disney+ in March

You know the old adage about Mars: In like a lion, out like a Disney+ Marvel TV series starring Oscar Isaac. Moon Knight doesn’t premiere until March 30, but it’s by far the streamer’s biggest show this month. Isaac plays a vigilante with multiple identities who has been imbued with the powers of an Egyptian god; he takes on Ethan Hawke as the villainous Arthur Harrow. Now it’s a casting. Here’s everything we know about the series. In the meantime, you can discover the French series Parallels, about four teenage friends on the Franco-Swiss border who disperse through time in separate universes. It was released on March 23.

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The best movies on Disney+ in March

If you like musicals, ask a woman leaning out of the fire escape to shout, “I know it!” — you can watch Steven Spielberg West Side Story on Disney+ toniiiiight, toniiiiight. The dazzling remake, nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, debuted on Disney+ on March 2. Follow it with turn redPixar’s new charmer about puberty (and pandas), out March 11. For something different, Olivia Rodrigo’s documentary Driving Home 2 U (A Sour Movie) enters the process of writing the hit album, which began during a road trip. I’m not going to make a “driver’s license” joke. I’m going to shout out the best “Brutal” line instead. She can’t even parallel park!

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Quincy Isaiah, save time

Quincy Isaiah, winning time

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The best shows on HBO Max in March

In the dark days without new episodes of Euphoria, a new star fills the void: the great basketball player Magic Johnson. HBO doubles down on March Madness with Adam McKay Buying Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, a stylized series about the Showtime era of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. The show premiered March 6 (read our review here). He joins Our flag means deatha pretty decent pirate comedy from Taika Waititi, and the very good dark and comedic thriller The touristboth premiering on HBO Max on March 3. Evan Rachel Wood’s documentary Phoenix rising premieres March 15, followed by comedy Naughty – featuring Jake Johnson in 70s fashion – on March 17. Juliaa show about Julia Child, prepares dessert on March 31.

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The best movies on HBO Max in March

HBO Max wants to be your Oscar tutor. Best Picture Nominees West Side Story and drive my car the two hit the platform on March 2, followed by Dunes March 10. The Will Smith-led King Richard will be added to HBO Max on March 24, giving you just enough time to check it out before the ceremony (which takes place on March 27). Once the trophies are all delivered, exchange Dunes for a very different space movie: Moon shot, a futuristic romantic comedy about two college students — played by Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse — who sneak on a shuttle to Mars. More like Mars-shot, isn’t it?

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The best shows on Hulu in March

It’s the world of TV scammers, and we all live in it. Hulu gets its slice of the Peak Scam TV pie with The stall, a limited series starring Amanda Seyfried as Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. The show premiered on March 3, with new episodes airing weekly on Thursdays. On March 29, the month ends with the premiere of another limited series based on a true story, Plainville’s daughter, a headline-grabbing “suicide by text message” account. Elle Fanning stars. In between, Hulu has new episodes of Freeform’s good problem (starting March 10) and the final full season of TNT Claws (March 14), plus a pair of FX hits: the final season of the great better things (starting March 1) and the highly anticipated return of Atlanta (March 25).

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The best movies on Hulu in March

Hulu is keeping it fresh this month. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan star in Costsa twisted film about dating horrors, which premiered on March 4. Married life doesn”t look much better in deep waters, the movie that gave us the relationship between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas and therefore gets partial credit for Ben Affleck throwing in a life-size cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas, which was funny. The film is less funny: Affleck plays a guy who tolerates his wife’s adventures until he becomes suspicious in the disappearance of his lovers. It was released on March 18.

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Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey, Bridgerton

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey, Bridgerton


The best shows on Netflix in March

Dear readers, you probably don’t even need us to tell you that March on Netflix belongs to Bridgerton. The steamy period drama, one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of all time, returns on March 25. Season 2 focuses on the romance between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), which is full of animosity and closeness. -ups of hands. It’s true: this one is for Pride and Prejudice Fans. For anyone who can’t get enough of Peak Scam TV, Bad vegan: fame. Fraud. Fugitives.a new true documentary series about a scandal that rocked New York’s vegan restaurant scene, debuts March 16. Big mouth spin off Human ressources will follow on March 18.

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The best movies on Netflix in March

Ryan Reynolds plays with the timeline in The Adam Project, a sci-fi adventure movie that stars Reynolds as a time-traveling pilot who crashes in 2022 and teams up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) to fix things. It’s not that great, but people will probably enjoy it anyway because it’s an easy-to-watch throwback movie. Or maybe they’ll like it because it features a 13 Ongoing 30 reunion between Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, who play Adam’s parents. Never underestimate what some of us (myself included) will watch for Jennifer Garner. Then, on March 18, Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins and Jason Segel star in the crime thriller Bargain, about a guy (Segel) who breaks into a billionaire’s vacation home. Never underestimate what some of us will watch for Jesse Plemons.

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