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The Family Guy Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s hard to remember a time when Brian was the main voice of reason in “Family Guy,” given how selfish and vapid the character has become in recent seasons. Even at worst, however, Brian’s antics pale in comparison to those of most other “Family Guy” characters (especially Peter and his friends) and he remains the most sensible Griffin. During the show’s early seasons, Brian’s often bewildering outlook made him an even more responsible character in the household than Lois. This is definitely proof of a Libra personality – someone who is outspoken, straightforward, and emotionally balanced, letting reason dictate their actions.

Libras are highly intelligent characters, primarily concerned with maintaining stability and seeking justice. Not only does Brian care about overseeing the Griffin household, but he’s a strong advocate for groups he feels are underrepresented in society. And, like most Libras, Brian’s ultimate fear is being alone, something he strives to counteract with his many love affairs that unfortunately tend to go nowhere.

Libras are also terrified of monotony and routine. They want exciting and eventful lives, something Brian hopes to achieve one day with his writing career. His literary aspirations and affinity for the arts often make Brian the butt of the joke, with many characters clearly viewing him as pretentious. Unfortunately, due to their intelligence and outlook on life, Libras are often mistakenly viewed as arrogant or vain.