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The internet gave birth to a new Simpsons character

Like the Patterson-Gimlin strip but for the little yellow cartoon characters.

In 1997, The simpsons gave us the character of doggiea cynical addition to the universe Itchy and scratchy show intended to appease its fictional producers by introducing a focus-tested new element to the fading cartoon. Decades later, Poochie—whose episode was created in response to execs suggesting the show is bringing a new member to the Simpson family — manifested in a roundabout way with Graggle, a new character hinted at by the internet and placed in old episodes through image and video montages.

Graggle, it is said, has always been around but the same collective memory flaws that made us forget they were always called The bears of Berenstain (or that Seann William Scott once played “karate master” Vincey Masters) made us forget about it.

To support this theory, people have made music videos of The Simpsons episodes that show the yellowish alien creature hanging out with the family. Some of these are not all this convincing. Others embed Graggle more naturally. There’s even fake Graggle merchandise, VHS covers, Wiki entriesand screenshot.

Graggle Simpson VHS PROOF

Vice watched how Graggle was born in a recent article, tracing the path back from this current incarnation to its 2015 origins as a 2chan joke. Graggle, we learn, was originally edited in a screenshot by an anonymous user and later picked up by 4chan to be dubbed “Yellow Matt”, contextualized as Matt Groening’s “self-inserted character”. .

A YouTuber who goes by Simian Jimmy then took over, renamed Yellow Matt to “Gumbly” and, Vice wrote, suggested the character was actually an actor on The simpsons this demonstrated “concrete proof that the show had jumped the shark”.

Gumbly continued to spread from there, picked up by Facebook user Yeliab Ressap and renamed “Graggle” once again. in a picture this took Simian Jimmy’s claim one step further.

The Simpsons Hit & Run – Graggle Simpson Gameplay

Since then, Graggle has spread across social media, appearing in TikTok videos and, in one of the most exceptional examples, modified to early 2000s video game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Graggle now seems unstoppable – a character the internet has made real through the undeniable power of just wanting to run around with as much of a stupid joke as possible.

At this point, maybe The simpsons should give in, acknowledge the existence of this creature, apply a defibrillator jolt to it messed upng in bulkand simply introduce Graggle to the actual show.

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