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FAIRMONT – At the Martin County Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, the Commissioners heard from Jonathan Loose of Wold Architect and Engineers regarding the design phase of the proposed Center for Public Safety and Justice project.

“As you are accepting money from the state and hopefully for building the facility, the state is forcing you to follow their redesign and B3 requirements.” Coward said.

The B3 guidelines can be applied to the design of a new building to achieve sustainability goals for the site, water, energy, indoor environment, materials and waste.

Loose said as part of this a commissioning agent must be on board. He said a consultant should be hired and they will prepare a request for proposal for the effort.

Loose also spoke about the need for investigative proposals.

“We have looked at where we think the site is now and the four plots and determined that we have a good idea of ​​the areas we need to survey. “ Coward said.

He said everything will be included in the proposal, with quotes. They worked with Bolten and Menk, who will also make a proposal.

“They are generally quite competitive, but we always want to make sure that we have a choice of three numbers”, Coward said.

Commissioner Elliot Belgard asked if the County Surveyor could be used. Loose said a county surveyor typically looks at different topographic distances, while for building construction different specifics are looked at.

Loose said he would prepare RFP’s proposal and that it would be expected in two to three weeks.

Loose also said they are putting the graphics together and moving forward with the aesthetics and mapping of the building.

“I would definitely expect some approval and discussion within the county board before I really put things in place in terms of aesthetics and building materials,” Coward said.

Commissioners approved Wold to prepare a request for proposal for a consultant and B3 surveyor for the justice center project.

The Commissioner also approved and authorized the extension of the service contract with Robert Long of Larkin Hoffman to continue lobbying on behalf of the Justice Center, for an amount of $ 3,000 per month, from October 1 to May 31, 2022.

Commissioner James Forshee has asked County Road Engineer Kevin Peyman to place a stop sign with flashing lights on the corner of Imogene at 26 and 53, following a recent accident.

“I was approached by a few family members who had people involved in this”, said Forshee.

Peyman said he looked into the matter because there was a history of accidents at that corner. Some people have stopped but some people miss the stop sign.

“One option is these LED stop signs. These are a bit expensive and finicky when it comes to installing them correctly ”, Peyman said.

He said there are currently three acceptable stop sign sizes: 30 by 30, 36 by 36 and oversized 48 by 48 signs.

“We are going to use the large 48 inch stop signs with the reflectors on the posts” Peyman said.

He said they were also going to put a solar flasher on the stop sign, which is cheaper and easier than an LED stop sign. He said they should be there in about two weeks.

In other news, as the first regular meeting of the Council of Commissioners in December falls at the CMA’s annual conference, the Commissioners have had to set another meeting date. They set the first board meeting in December for 4:30 p.m. on December 9, as the tax truth hearing is also set for 6 p.m. on that date.

In another action, the board approved several new hires. These include Adria Mosloski as a civil procedure / accounting technician; Daniel Killion as a part-time communications officer; Melanie Anderson as a part-time communications officer; Erin Davison as promotion to full-time Communications Officer.

Council also approved two conditional use licenses, one for Camalot Breeders LLP in Section 32 of the Township of Fraser, and one for Garth Carlson in Section 36 of the Township of Nashville. Both properties are zoned “A” Agricultural district.

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