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The most underrated red character according to fans

The verdict is in: Mei’s low-key father, Jin Lee (Orion Lee), is the most underrated character in “Turning Red.” This was suggested by over 1,400 users on Reddit who liked a post saying so.

“Deeply grateful to the father in this movie, probably the only adult who isn’t a walking trauma factory,” the original u/SonicFrost poster wrote in a March 11 chat. “Mei Mei’s mother and her family stressed me out tremendously,” they added.

One of the best and most underrated things about Mei’s dad in “Turning Red,” according to Redditors, is the fact that he always seemed to know what to say or how to act when the moment came. demanded. That, and the fact that he can cook, of course. “He makes great food and supports his family. The man is a treasure,” u/tensing99 remarked. “The part where he told Mei Mei that HE was the reason Ming and her mom fought was very clever,” u/crestren explained. “Like obviously he can’t offer comfort being tied to MM’s situation because… he can’t turn into a red panda, but he comforts her and encourages MM to change and move towards what she loves (his friends) just like how hard Ming fought for him,” the Redditor added. “Dad of the Year.”