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The poem that inspired the character’s nickname

Wednesday Addams will become a topic of conversation this holiday season when Netflix releases Wednesday on November 23, 2022. From the mind of Tim Burton and starring Jenna Ortega in the lead role, Wednesday will explore the well-known character like never before. But there is a question for the fans The Addams Family always resort to — why does the youngest member of the family have the name of a day of the week? There are a few answers to this question.

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Wednesday Addams is based on a cartoon by Charles Addams

Charles Addams is the creator of The Addams Family, which was originally published in cartoon form in The New Yorker. Hailing from Westfield, New Jersey, Addams’ hometown inspired the macabre goth for which his cartoons became known.

“There’s still a little disagreement between people about which house actually inspired the Addams family home,? unofficial Charles Addams local historian Ron MacCloskey told The Alternative Press. “But this one was right on the road Addams traveled to and from Westfield High School.? The area was full of Victorian mansions and cemeteries during the Addams era, which sparked the idea of ​​the creepy and goofy Addams Family.

Wednesday Addams name explained

The fictional Gomez and Morticia Addams – two interesting names in themselves – have two children: Pugsley and Wednesday. There are several rumors surrounding the inspiration behind Wednesday’s name.

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According to Addams Family fan Joan Blake, she has the character’s name to thank. “I was living with my college roommate. She threw a big party which Addams attended,? Blake wrote to The New Yorker (via The AV Club).

Blake claimed she was “depressed? sitting on the couch when Addams approached her and asked what was wrong. After taking her to PJ Clarkes and making her laugh, Addams told Blake that her cartoon was becoming a spectacle. “…He didn’t have a name for the little girl,? Blake continued. “I said, ‘Wednesday, Wednesday’s child is full of misfortune.’ And Wednesday became his name.

The character’s name is probably based on a children’s poem

Although Blake’s story is true, it cannot be confirmed. However, Blake’s inspiration was probably the nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child?, which says:

“Monday’s child has a beautiful face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of misfortune,
Thursday’s child still has a lot to do,
Friday’s child loves and gives,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
And the child born on the Sabbath day
Is beautiful and cheerful, and good and cheerful.

Wednesday Addams might be named after a doll

In addition, The Addams Family: A Curse by H. Kevin Miserocchi offers an alternate explanation for Wednesday’s name, which was not decided upon until Addams’ drawings were adapted into a television show in 1964. “One Year [before the TV show], a Manhattan-based company named Aboriginals, Ltd. had chosen to make stuffed cloth dolls based on the Addams Family characters,? Miserocchi writes. “…A friend suggested that the pale little girl he was drawing certainly suggested Wednesday, the child of misfortune from the traditional nursery rhyme. Addams liked this. That friend could be Blake, but there’s no way to back up those claims.

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look Wednesday from November 23 only on Netflix.

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