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The Razzies Announce Nominees for Worst Movies of 2021

Just as the Oscars are for the greatest works of cinema, the Golden Raspberry Awards (AKA “The Razzies”) are for the stinkiest movies ever made. And like the Oscars, often criticized for odd or misguided picks, the Razzies don’t always get it right. (Or you could say they usually don’t quite understand.)

This year’s batch of Razzie nominees have just been announced, and as usual, their picks mix up real disasters like Space Jam: A New Legacy with dumb jokes, mediocrities showcasing overpaid talent, and choices that almost feel like personal vendettas. For example, many moviegoers grew weary of Ben Affleck after he became a tabloid mainstay in the mid-2000s. And there were times when he gave less than stellar performances. But he was remarkable in The Last Duel — or at the very least he was far from one of the worst supporting actors of 2021. The only way I can imagine anyone naming him for this movie is if they just haven’t watched it. And yet, he made the Razzies list.

Les Razzies also nominated The woman at the window a bland, forgettable thriller but certainly not a disaster — for multiple awards including Worst Picture, Worst Actress, and Worst Remake, Ripoff, or Sequel, even though it was none of those. (They claimed it was a scam of rear windowbut other than them sharing a very vague theme and one word in their titles, they were nothing alike.) Then there were some weird awards, like being nominated for “Ben Platt & Any Character Who Acts Like Platt Singing 24 -7 is Normal” as The Worst On-Screen Couple for Dear Evan Hansen. A lot of people didn’t like this movie; and a lot of people thought Ben Platt had gotten way too old to play the role of a struggling high school kid by 2022. But mocking the fact that his character sings a lot… that’s how comedies work musical? Would the Razzies have named Sing in the rain for worst on-screen couple for Gene Kelly and his umbrella because he’s dancing in the rain? It’s not normal either. As I say almost every year, bad movies deserve better than Razzies.

Anyway, here’s the full list of Razzies nominees. The winners will be announced on Saturday March 26.

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Diana the Musical
Space Jam: A New Legacy
The woman at the window


Scott Eastwood / Dangerous
Roe Hartrampf / Diana the Musical
LeBron James / Space Jam: A New Legacy
Ben Platt / Dear Evan Hansen
Mark Wahlberg / Infinite


Amy Adams / The woman at the window
Joan of Waal / Diana the Musical
Megan Fox / Midnight in the Switchgrass
Taryn Manning / Karine
Ruby Rose / win

Worst Supporting Actress

Amy Adams / Dear Evan Hansen
Sophie Cookson / Infinite
Erin Davie / Diana the Musical
Judy Kaye / Diana the Musical
Taryn Manning / Each of them

20th century workshops
20th century workshops


Ben Affleck / The last duel
Nick Canon / The misfits
Mel Gibson / Dangerous
Gareth Kegan / Diana the Musical
Jared Leto / Gucci House

BRUCE WILLIS WORST PERFORMANCE in a FILM of 2021 (Special Category)

Bruce Willis / US headquarters
Bruce Willis / Mountain peak
Bruce Willis / cosmic sin
Bruce Willis / Dead end
Bruce Willis / Fortress
Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass
Bruce Willis / out of death
Bruce Willis / Survive the game

Universal images
Universal images


Any Klutzy cast member and any musical number/ Diana the Musical
LeBron James and any Warner cartoon character / Space Jam: A New Legacy
Jared Leto and his ridiculous accent / Gucci House
Ben Platt and any character who acts like Platt Singing 24/7 is normal / Dear Evan Hansen
Tom & Jerry (aka Itchy & Scratchy) / tom and jerry the movie


Karine (Unintentional remake of cruella devil)
Space Jam: A New Legacy
tom and jerry the movie
Turn (Rap remake of Oliver Twist)
The woman at the window (scam of rear window)

The woman at the window


Christopher Ashley / Diana the Musical
Stephen Chbosky / Dear Evan Hansen
Coke Daniels / Karine
Renny Harlin / The misfits
Joe Wright / The woman at the window


Diana the Musical
The misfits
The woman at the window

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