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The Way of the Househusband’s live-action special is worth watching

When Netflix added the 2021 adaptation of The Way of the Husband at Home, viewers were in for a goofy slice-of-life series. While not everyone was won over by the mundane adult life themes, or the unique style of animation, for those who now adore this anime, news of the Season 2 premiere scheduled for the fall is something to look forward to. In the meantime, fans have more to enjoy than just rewatching the short anime.

For those who love The Way of the Husband at Home, The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband is another hilarious slice-of-life series that teaches fans some of the most ingenious life hacks. It also won’t take long to watch, which is helpful between anime seasons. While viewers are waiting for the next batch of anime to arrive in the fall, they can set aside some time to The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband.

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The live special titled The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband is easy to dive into for anyone, even those who haven’t watched the anime or read the manga. For those considering giving this series a chance, a slice-of-life genre enjoyment is a must – and for those who love reality TV, this series is even more of a delight. Like the anime, each episode is different and there is no overarching plot to follow, but there is still a lot that is brought to the viewers.

Following the daily life of actor Kenjiro Tsuda, who plays the immortal dragon Tatsu, each episode poses a different domestic problem for the stoic man. Proclaiming himself a devoted stay-at-home husband, Kenjiro tackles each challenge with intensity and also with helpful storytelling to teach audiences to copy his methods. It’s not too often that viewers see a voice actor perform in such a fun role, let alone at the center of any live-action series.

With Tsuda’s deliberately over-the-top performances and comedic timing, the instructions are more entertaining and engaging than the typical home improvement video, so whether viewers are looking for entertainment or learning something new, The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband book. The dry humor that Tsuda displays is enhanced by the perfectly timed editing and on-shots of the production team, giving viewers another reason to watch.

Once the viewer is captivated by the comedy and educational aspects of this special, the other merits of the series can shine through. One of the anime’s most common complaints is the crowd-dividing animation, which was comedic and effective to some while others found it half-baked and underwhelming. Since this special is live, viewers don’t have to deal with conflicting opinions about the animation. In fact, it would be surprising to find any complaints about the production quality of this series since the cinematography is top-notch.

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Aside from the basics of presenting right angles and good lighting for Tsuda’s instructions, the camera work is crisp. This helps focus on the educational aspects of the series but also greatly illustrates the relaxing benefits the slice-of-life genre can offer. When Tsuda isn’t teaching husband-at-home manners, the viewer has the reward of watching glimpses of the actor’s surroundings, which often include his adorable cat. If the many benefits of this series do not appeal to some viewers, at the very least, the series is short enough not to waste too much time on his day.

The longest episodes of The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband only last six minutes, while the shortest episodes last three minutes. It’s the type of show that hides no secrets and reveals itself in the first episode, so giving it a chance won’t involve much dedication of its time. In total, the entire special lasts 45 minutes, making it an easy binge watch, perfect for the end of the summer anime season. Between the summer and fall seasons, anime fans need some kind of placeholder while they wait for their favorite series to return, and with so much to offer, The ingenuity of the stay-at-home husband is an interesting way to spend your time.

For fans of The Way of the Husband at Home specifically, this Lifetime Action Special featuring everyone’s favorite ex-yakuza voice actor is a great way to bide its time until Season 2 premieres in October. The deadpan humor and pro advice sounds like anime fans will love, and it’s a great break from anime series that still offer the same benefits as slice of life anime. A quick 45 minutes is enough to learn the ways of the stay-at-home husband.