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The Wonder Twins are getting a live-action movie on HBO Max

“Wonder Twin’s powers… are activating!” Saturday morning television has embedded these words into the minds of millions of Gen Xers who grew up watching great friends. The alien siblings Zan and Jayna were the teenage sidekicks of the animated Justice League. When they punched each other, they could activate their powers. Jayna would transform into any animal, while her brother Zan would transform into water-based things. (Yeah, not as cool). Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Exor’s brother and sister get the cinematic treatment. Adam Sztykiel officially writes and directs a wonder twins feature for HBO Max. (And we assume their space monkey, Gleek, will join them.)

DC Comics

There is no word yet on the plot of this film. Or if it even plays into the bigger DCEU or not. The Wonder Twins are technically DC Comics heroes, though it took them decades to join the DC Universe proper. They first appeared in The All New Super Friends Hour in 1977 during the show’s second season. They replaced the original Super Friends sidekicks Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog. This trio had no powers and were essentially knockoffs of Shaggy, Daphne, and Scooby-Doo. The heroic Wonder Twins proved to be a far better fit for the series. Created by Hanna-Barbera, their inclusion in great friends automatically made them DC characters. They’ve appeared in TV tie-in comics, but it took them almost twenty years to make it into the DCU proper.

The Wonder Twins, activating their powers on Super Friends.
DC Comics

The writers tried to make the alien twins from planet Exxor less cheesy, but their association with the cartoon always limited their potential. Too many people saw them as a joke. Still, DC gave it a try just three years ago, when the Wonder Twins got their own DC series.

After years of memes making fun of them, we think it’s time for the Wonder Twins to show everyone that turning into an elephant and an ice bucket is nothing to laugh about.