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This Girl’s Adorable Reaction To A Character Wearing A Beanie Proves Representation Matters


An episode of “Rise Up, Sing Out” features a black character wearing a beanie, and this little girl was feeling it!

Inclusive portrayal in children’s media, while not an instant solution to all of our country’s deep-rooted systemic racism, is an essential step in creating racial equity. What children pick up in the media plays a huge role in how they perceive themselves and others. And we all know that kids have a tendency to just blurt out what they’re thinking, which is why it’s even more important for them to learn about races and ethnicities other than their own, and how to navigate in situations where someone might be mean to another. based on their race or cultural practices.

That’s why The Roots’ Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and Amir “Questlove” Thompson have teamed up with Disney+ to Get up, sing, an animated series of shorts with songs focused on inclusion and empowerment. The series premiered on February 3 in honor of Black History Month, and so far five episodes have been released.

The latest short, titled “Super Bonnet”, celebrates caring for dark hair at a sleepover. Friends Taniya, Shawna, and So-Hyeon sing to teach their friend Amelia how they use beanies to protect their natural curly hair while they sleep.

Not only is the song super catchy (what else would you expect from two members of The Roots?), but it’s already having a positive impact. Mom Breanna Martin, aka @ladybreannamartin on Instagram, shared this heartwarming reel of her daughter playing along to the song while wearing her adorable pink leopard beanie. “That’s why representation is important! My daughter was so excited to wear her beanie 😊,” Martin wrote on the video.

And yes, to answer everyone’s question, it’s the proud dad in the background saying “yes girl, yes queen!” while her daughter dances.

“That’s why representation is important!!! Seven was so excited to wear her beanie because she saw the other little girls on TV wearing one. You could see her reaction was like ‘hey I have one too 😍😄💃🏾🙆🏾‍♀️ “lol. So cute!” she started her legend. “I posted this on my TikTok and these are comments from people saying this video brought them to tears. It’s a new day and we’re embracing brown skin, natural hair and experiencing total blackness,” she added.

The video received tons of love, with some expressing their wish that they had grown up with shows celebrating black experiences.

“I wonder how different our lives would have been had we grown up being seen and affirmed 💓👏🏾💓👏🏾,” one said. “This just made me cry 🥺 I’m so happy that black girls can grow up confident and not unsure that they don’t look like what they see on TV 🥰,” another fan said of the video.

Get up, sing Creator Latoya Raveneau, along with Questlove and Black Thought, wanted to create a show that could be a tool for children and adults to start conversations about inclusivity and celebrate uniqueness.

“We always wanted these shorts to be uplifting, hopeful, because we grounded them in this childlike optimism we can talk about all the things we can do to make the world a better place,” Raveneau explained. Looks like the show is doing its thing because the world is definitely a better place seeing the joy on this little girl’s face as she sees a black girl with a beanie on TV just like her.